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Agricultural mowers

Agricultural mowers for tractors - a wide selection, various types of products

Agricultural mowers are agricultural machines used for mowing grass and other green fodder, mainly in meadows. The mowers can be additionally equipped with a swath conditioner or a swath conditioner. Thanks to loosening, the grasses dry faster. The most common types of agricultural mowers are rotary, flail mowers, shredders and maintenance mowers. You don't know which one will be best for you? Let us briefly tell you about their specifics so that you can make the right choice.

Rotary mowers - the fast-rotating blade is the cutting element here that hits the plants and allows them to be mowed quickly. This is a very efficient type of mower that requires more power to work properly. Rotary mowers available in our store are reliable and extremely efficient devices.

Flail mowers - in this product category you will find many devices for various purposes. Flail mowers are a type of rotary mowers. The cutting element are beaters that shred the vegetation. It is an excellent product for mowing wastelands and roadsides. They work well when mowing both grass and harder elements such as bushes and twigs. The flail mower allows you to mulch plants, i.e. crush and spread them in order to fertilize the soil.

Shredder mowers - this is another type of product that is very often ordered in our online store. Great for taking care of extensive green areas. They perfectly cope with weeds, grasses and shrubs. Their main purpose is to care for row spacing in orchards, shredding crop residues, shredding branches with a diameter of up to 50 mm and standard mowing of grass.

Maintenance mowers - these are products ideal for mowing even surfaces, such as parks, sports fields, lawns. They can be easily connected to small tractors and work very efficiently. They will prove useful when working on small wastelands, but remember to remove hard elements from the mown surfaces. Browse through the different products available in the above categories and go shopping!

Agricultural mowers for tractors - focus on high quality

So, as you can see, on our website you will find a wide selection of lawn and agricultural mowing products . How to choose the right device for our needs? An important criterion when choosing a mower is the size of the lawn. Of course, even a small mower can mow a large area of turf, but it will be very laborious. Another aspect that should be kept in mind is the shape of the lawn, the number of bends on it and the topography. The multitude of available solutions in our store is so large that you will certainly buy a product tailored to your expectations. If in doubt, please contact our customer service, which is always ready to help and advise you. We enjoy your shopping!