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Forklifts is a professional shop with equipment used in various industries - from the agricultural industry, through construction, gardening, to municipal. One of the categories of products we offer are forklifts. We rely only on products signed with well-known, valued and experienced brands - thanks to this we are sure that we offer our customers the best.

Forklifts - choose models from proven manufacturers

Forklifts, i.e. forklift trucks, allow you to transport elements of considerable weight and mass. Logistics, food, municipal, construction and industrial industries - this is where forklifts are most often used - the type of equipment should, however, be fully adapted to the specificity of the sector in which they are to be used. We can distinguish diesel, gas and electric forklifts. The first two types are intended for outdoor use. It is possible to use them indoors, but forklifts of this type must be equipped with an appropriate filter. This type of equipment works great on uneven surfaces. All thanks to the equipment with four-wheel drive and tires with good grip to the ground. The third type is an electric forklift - a battery powering the equipment, three or four-wheel drive, high maneuverability are the distinguishing features of this type. Thanks to this, forklifts of this type are used in confined spaces, as they are great in narrow alleys, corners, or in high-bay warehouses. The offer of includes Lonking equipment - it is one of the largest manufacturers of forklifts.

Forklifts - simple, reliable construction guarantees durability

What distinguishes the forklifts we offer - the construction of the equipment is relatively simple, but thanks to this the construction of the equipment is reliable. Lonking, the brand whose products we rely on, is a well-known manufacturer of power hydraulics, thanks to which the trolleys they offer are extremely durable and resistant to mechanical damage. An additional advantage is the fact that the manufacturer's warranty is valid for up to 66 months! The brand is based on engines of well-known Japanese manufacturers, such as Isuzu, Perkins and Mitsubishi diesel engines. Gas forklifts, in turn, are equipped with Nissan drive units. Ergonomic shape, lifting capacity up to 2500 kg, lifting height 3000 mm and high-quality tires, automatic transmission, 1200 mm forks, these are the features that characterize the forklifts available in our assortment. is a place where quality goes hand in hand with an attractive price. We rely on reputable brands, offering proven products tailored to the needs and specifics of various industries. Are you looking for a model that will meet all your requirements? Contact us and we will help you match the equipment to your needs.