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Hand tools

Tools for manual work - a wide range of possibilities.

Small hand tools are necessary to maintain cleanliness and proper care in every home garden. Regardless of whether we are dealing with a small garden, terrace or a large green area that requires appropriate work. Hand gardening tools are divided into several basic groups: earthworks, pruning and transport tools. They also include cordless tools, which are becoming more and more popular.

Individual groups of tools.

Hand tools for earthworks - these are probably the largest group of tools necessary for basic work in our gardens. These include various types of spades, shovels, weeders, rakes, forks... and many others. It is impossible to list all of them because manufacturers offer newer and more improved products every year. An interesting solution on the market are modular product lines, where we can fit many different tools to one handle or shaft using a practical and convenient connection. It is also impossible not to mention the very important and necessary lawn care tools , such as grass shears or a turf knife.

Another group of tools are the so-called cutting tools used not only for cutting, but also for shaping plants. Various types of pruners, scissors, axes and saws. This group also includes a very wide range of products, from light tools for cutting non-woody plants to heavy axes and saws for working on impressive, large trees.

After each of the works we have discussed, we should clean up our garden so that the effects of our work are visible and can be enjoyed. Transport tools will be necessary for this type of work. These include various types of wheelbarrows, carts, and watering cans. All these accessories make working in our garden a pleasure, not a tiring duty, and the effects will last a long time.