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working width (mm)
Height (mm)
Weight (kg)
Minimum required tractor power (HP HP PS)
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In every garden whose owner wants to have healthy and beautiful plants, it is necessary to use fertilizers and sometimes also products against pests and diseases. Sprayers will help you perform this task, thanks to which you will efficiently take care of the condition of your plants.

Down with diseases and pests, hello healthy growth

Sprayers available on the market allow you to quickly spray the desired substance in the garden, orchard or on the lawn. They also allow you to conveniently perform this activity, which can be tedious. Some models are equipped with wheels and a hitch that allow you to attach the equipment to a garden tractor instead of a trailer. Thanks to this solution, you can efficiently move the sprayers from point A to B in the garden or orchard. There is also equipment dedicated to orchard care. They are distinguished by a much larger capacity, which allows you to effectively distribute fertilizer or spray on fruit and decorative trees. If you do not have a home garden, but a large plot or even a field for which you use tractors, you will certainly need the so-called field sprayers . Using them will allow you to fertilize and support plants, spray them against pests and even water them - all in an economical and even manner. Precision in spraying the mixture or just water is very important because it prevents local outbreaks of plant diseases, nourishes them and provides water in the same amount. Take care of your plants with sprayers and provide them with the best!