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Gardening tools

Garden tools - take full care of your garden!

Specialized gardening tools are accessories that will allow you to achieve the desired and well-groomed look of your garden. Hundreds of years of growing edible and ornamental plants have allowed us to design and create tools for almost every type of care. Our store offers a wide range of tools that will make keeping your garden or plot tidy pleasant and efficient.

How to choose the right tool?

It would be best if, before shopping in our store, you consider what plants you grow and which are the most numerous - whether there are many shrubs and trees, beds with edible plants, hedges or flower beds. Another thing worth remembering is the area of your garden. Will it be possible to increase electricity everywhere? Or maybe combustion or battery-powered tools, which provide greater mobility, will be better? Is there a pond or pond on your property? When choosing gardening tools, pay attention not only to their purpose, but also to the quality of their workmanship. Good garden equipment can serve for many years, our offer focuses on the highest quality devices!

Garden tools available at

The simplest division of tools useful in the garden is to distinguish them into manual, electric, battery and combustion tools . We specialize in electric and combustion devices, and we appreciate how quickly and conveniently they make garden work possible. Our offer also includes all the necessary accessories, such as batteries and long cables, as well as spare parts for larger devices.

Electric tools - devices that operate when connected to the electrical network. A very ecological solution, work on a large area is ensured by long cables.

  • electric mowers - lawn care
  • saws and chainsaws - caring for trees and thick branches of bushes
  • trimmers and scythes - designed to cut grass in places inaccessible to lawn mowers - around trees and bushes or next to fences
  • scarifiers - improvement of water and air management
  • mowing robots - lawn care devices that operate independently
  • shears and secateurs - used for precise work, e.g. modeling hedges
  • shredders - they process garden waste into mulch
  • submersible pumps - helpful in cleaning ponds and ponds

Combustion tools - enable free work throughout the entire plot, powered by generally available fuels.

  • rototillers - aerate and loosen the soil
  • scarifiers - improve water and air management
  • blowers and vacuum cleaners - clean the garden of autumn leaves, small twigs, etc.
  • single-axle tractors - multifunctional devices that, thanks to the ability to connect interchangeable work attachments, are a reliable work tool
  • lawn mowers - maintenance of large lawns
  • snow blowers - removing snow from driveways and paths

Cordless tools - a very convenient option that allows you to work freely throughout the garden without having to worry about the length of cables. An ecological solution that does not generate exhaust gases.

  • scissors and secateurs - used to precisely shape bushes and cut grass in hard-to-reach places
  • trimmers and scythes - cutting grass in hard-to-reach places
  • blowers and vacuum cleaners - cleaning the garden, for example, of autumn leaves, small twigs, etc.
  • saws and chainsaws - used for work related to woodworking, caring for trees and old bushes with thick branches

We cordially invite you to shop!

Najczęściej zadawane pytania

A garden rotovator is an equipment used for mechanical loosening and cultivation of soil. Machines of this type are equipped with curved or hook-shaped blades, which are located on a rotating shaft. The speed of rotation of the blades can be adjusted. Unlike agricultural soilers, which require connection to a tractor as a source of power for the blades, garden soilers have their own internal combustion engine. Soil tillers are available in different variants - depending on the model, energy is supplied either exclusively to the knife shaft (smaller models) or (larger models) to the knife shaft and to the drive wheels, thus making the equipment easier to operate and maneuver. 

When choosing a specific model, it is worth betting on a garden soil tiller equipped with the option to adjust the working width and speed of the knife shaft. This will significantly facilitate the cultivation of wide and narrow beds, also allowing to cultivate the soil between rows of plants. The advantage of machines of this type is the reverse gear, which makes it easier to maneuver or withdraw in a situation of jamming in the roots of trees or shrubs, and adjustable handles to improve work in beds and flowerbeds. Some ripper models can be equipped with additional accessories, such as claw harrows, edgers, or lawn care equipment such as scarifiers or aerators. Tillers with the option of detaching the knife shaft can also be used to pull a plow for plowing, as a cultivator, a potato planter, or, with the attachment of a trailer, as a small tractor for transport. 

The main use of a garden soil tiller is to prepare the soil for growing crops of various types and mixing fertilizers with it. The use of a soil tiller for this type of work significantly speeds it up, while the blades additionally loosen the soil, thereby improving air and water relations in the soil, which positively affects the process of soaking up rainwater, reducing the formation of stagnation on the soil surface. Machines of this type will also prove useful in combating young weeds in row crops. offers garden soilers of such brands as AL-KO or Stiga. One of the recommended models is the AL-KO MH 360 Easy garden rotovator equipped with a 4-stroke internal combustion engine with a capacity of 2.2 kW and 139 (cm3 / ccm). The rated engine speed is 2850 rpm, the working width is equal to 360 mm. The equipment is equipped with 4 blades with a diameter of 250 mm, a manual starter and an automatic suction option. Due to the small size of the machine, the garden soil tiller is easy to maneuver, it will be great for small areas, such as allotments, home gardens, or hobby cover crops. The AL-KO MH 360 Easy garden rotovator has a cover made of durable steel plate, which protects the user from thrown stones and soil. 

For those looking for equipment with a larger working width, we recommend the AL-KO 7505 VR Garden Tiller. The equipment is equipped with a powerful, trouble-free Honda GP 160 4-stroke, diesel, overhead-valve engine with a capacity of 163 cm3 and a maximum speed of 3200 rpm. This model will work well on both small and large areas, coping well with loose and hard soils. All thanks to a loosening width of up to 75 cm and a working depth of up to 15 cm, as well as 6 shredding knives with a diameter of 30 cm. The trump card of the machine is the loosening stars - so the AL-KO 75005 VR will also perform well in difficult conditions. The height of the machine is adjustable both vertically and laterally, so you can adjust the equipment to your height, thus affecting the comfort of work.  The working width on this model is 500-750 mm. The tiller is equipped with 1 support wheel at the front and comes with a 5-year warranty. 

Our store also offers a model with a working width of as much as 1150 mm. This is the AL-KO MH 1150 Premium soil tiller. The equipment is equipped with a 4-stroke internal combustion engine with a power of 3.60 kW and a capacity of 212 (cm3 / ccm). The rated engine speed is 3100 rpm. The compact design makes the device suitable for both small and larger cultivation areas, it will prepare the ground for sowing or planting, improving the soil structure both in beds and cultivation areas carried out under covers. The manufacturer recommends using the tiller on an area of up to 670 m2. The model in this series is equipped with as many as 8 blades with a diameter of 360 mm, a cover made of damage-resistant steel sheet to protect the operator during work, a forward gear and a reverse gear.

Equally good are proposals from the Stiga brand. offers, among others, the Stiga SRC 585 RG garden soil tiller with a working width of 850 mm. The equipment is equipped with a powerful, trouble-free Stiga TM 60 4-stroke internal combustion engine with a displacement of 182 cm3 and a maximum speed of 3600 rpm. This model will work well on both smaller and larger areas, such as preparing a vegetable garden or even removing an old lawn. The working depth is equal to 10 cm. The advantage of the model is the rotors with a diameter of 31 cm with knives. Thanks to the drive and forward and reverse gears, operating the soil tiller is easier. This is also influenced by the front wheel. The manufacturer also took care of the operator's safety - the Stiga SRC 585 RG garden rotovator is equipped with safety discs for safe movement close to trees and the edges of the plot. The option of vertical height adjustment allows you to adjust the equipment to the height of the operator. The ability to work in reverse is an added advantage. also offers cordless garden soilers and necessary accessories, such as batteries and battery chargers.