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Tillage units are machines whose main task is to properly prepare the soil for sowing. These are essential tools that will allow you to thoroughly crumble and loosen the soil to prepare it for sowing plants. Thanks to them, it is possible to effectively destroy seed weeds, and their solid construction makes them cope with even very hard soil. They may have a stone separation option. Cultivation units are also perfect for mixing fertilizers with soil and other agricultural works. We have reviewed and selected the most popular cultivators, so you will certainly find the one that will be most helpful in our store. They are available in a basic or more advanced, multi-tasking version. The unit is most often a combination of machines such as harrows, tillers or cultivators - these can also be found in our offer. You can purchase all agricultural tools from us in installments or leasing.

Types of units available at


The simplest version of the unit used for grinding and loosening the soil. It does not turn the soil over and is also used to kill weeds. It loosens and crumbles the soil deeper than a harrow.

Units with a string roller

The string roller causes slight soil compaction, and thanks to the strings (toothed strips), it effectively crumbles the top layer of soil. After passing such a roller, a thin, well-shredded layer of the roll is created, under which there is a slightly compressed layer.

Soil tiller with seeder

This is an effective combination of a very active tiller with a stone separator and a mesh roller that completely levels the cultivation surface. You can save time and money when laying lawns if you decide to equip your unit with a seeder . The tiller , which is driven by the tractor's power take-off shaft, tills the soil very thoroughly. Right behind the tiller there are stone separating bars. The tiller works in such a way that it rotates in the opposite direction to the tractor's driving direction and thus throws the stones onto the upper part of the rods, over which they slide to the bottom of the crop. Behind the bars there is a seeder with adjustable seed dispensing. The last element of the unit is the mesh roller, which completely levels the cultivation surface and crushes the seeds. All this means that the crop is very well loosened and the surface is even and free of stones. This is a very universal device that will save you a lot of time and achieve great work results!

Tractor carousel tedder for hay

This tool is designed to work with mini tractors and tractors with lower power. It is used to spread slightly dried grass clippings, other green plants or the hay itself, thanks to which it can be dried much faster. The device is driven by the tractor's PTO/PTO shaft and is mounted on a three-point three-point hitch.

Before you decide on the perfect cultivator for you, consider whether you use a harrow and how deep you want to loosen and aerate the soil. Adjust the weight of the unit to the power of your tractor. We invite you to make purchases in our store!