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Stump grinders - Karczownik

Stump and root cutters are agricultural machines that facilitate the preparation of the field for sowing and the care of meadows and pastures. Tree remnants stuck in the ground can be a big problem. It happens that the underground root span makes it very difficult to remove them with a machine for another purpose. It is precisely for such embarrassing situations that stump and root grinders have been developed. With the help of milling machines, you can easily manage the removal of trunks of felled trees and small trees.

What is milling?

Milling is a process of subtractive machining by cutting, where the basis is a rotary motion performed by special tools, the so-called cutters. On the other hand, trunks milling involves their mechanical removal by shredding and grinding the remains of the tree into sawdust. Milling trunks allows you to cut the material of both trunks and roots - everything that protrudes above the surface and what is hidden under the ground.

How does a stump and root grinder work?

Milling machines are equipped with a working cutter, which cuts a thin layer of wood in contact with the trunk, turning it into wood chips, shavings and sawdust. The rate of destruction depends on the intensity of rotation of the tooling, its sharpness, as well as the area of the cutting edge. With the stump and root cutter:

  • you will stop the growth of the felled tree
  • you will remove the above-ground part of the cut trunk
  • you will remove the main roots
  • you will not significantly disturb the soil structure.

Do you have questions related to the operation or operation of the milling machine? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Milling machines available at

In our store, we offer stump and root milling machines designed to be combined with small tractors. They perfectly cooperate with medium and small mini garden tractors offered by our company. Low power demand and relatively light weight make this device ideal for all conditions. Easily mills tree residues. We recommend a product which is a stump and root milling machine and because:

  • relatively low weight of the device guarantees easy transport and storage,
  • milling can take place below the ground level (15-20 cm), which means that a given trunk or root will not cause any more problems,
  • milling can be done very quickly and does not damage the surrounding stump or root in any way.
  • The milling teeth are of high quality, which affects the speed and efficiency of the work carried out
  • the milling machine is equipped with an overload clutch, which guarantees full safety.

The milling machines are made to order, you will only wait a few weeks for the production of your own stump and root milling machine . Contact us for details! We provide spare parts, after-sales service and delivery of the machine throughout the country. We cordially invite you to take advantage of the offer of our online store. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!