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Other machines - specialist equipment

In addition to a large selection of mini tractors from well-known and respected Japanese brands, our offer also includes other specialized equipment. They include walk- behind tractors from companies such as Yanmar and Mitsubishi. There are also electric carts and mini tractors with track drive . We offer both new and used equipment, and thanks to our professional service, the purchased equipment will reach you in the best condition. Each of the available machines is designed to automate, accelerate and efficiently perform a given work in the field or in the garden. The small dimensions of the devices allow for convenient use in any, even extremely narrow and small terrain. Strong engines, solid structures and a number of innovative amenities will make every operation even easier. Bet on respected manufacturers today and choose equipment from our wide offer!

Other machines - branded devices of the highest quality

Among the equipment we offer, you will find devices from companies such as Mitsubishi, Kubota or Iseki. A large selection of machines with different characteristics allows us to better adapt to our customers, thanks to which we can effectively meet their expectations. You can buy a Mitsubishi MC10 track dump truck for purchase in our online store. It was originally used as a small grain harvester. It has a 2-cylinder diesel engine with a capacity of 10 HP, cooled with a liquid, which positively affects its efficiency and effectiveness. The semi-automatic gearbox allows for comfortable and intuitive control of the machine. Another device is the Kubota PEM RT 140DI walk -behind tractor , equipped with a 1-cylinder diesel engine with a power of up to 15 HP. Its simple operation and solid construction will make it helpful in work for many years. Our range also includes the solid MIGHTY CAR BN-1 electric trolley . It has a large 110 x 195 cm loading platform, and the maximum load capacity is from 500 kg to 1000 kg. These are just some of the devices that you can find on our website.

Other machines - buy well at!

What makes it worth buying specialized machines in our online store? We are the largest importer of Japanese agricultural machinery. We are characterized by many years of experience in sales on the European market and an individual approach to each of our clients. We provide a free service quote and hardware configuration. We are distinguished by professional advice in the selection of machines for every budget and the highest quality of customer service. Our division is honesty towards consumers as well as the reliability and quality of the products we sell, which is why our assortment is filled only by well-known and respected brands. We offer the option of buying in installments and in the form of leasing. We also have our own export fleet, which ensures fast transport of goods to every corner of Poland and Europe. We are perfectly equipped with numerous original or spare parts, thanks to which we can provide effective service. If you need help or have additional questions, our staff will be happy to dispel all your doubts. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Najczęściej zadawane pytania

Agricultural equipment, as the name implies, is any agricultural machine that is used during agricultural work.It is mechanical equipment necessary to carry out field work, helpful on the farm during housekeeping, farming, including animal husbandry, also used for transportation. Agricultural machinery can be divided into three categories: self-propelled, cooperating with a tractor and manually operated. They are often simple, but mechanized equipment. Examples of this type of equipment are hand-held mowers, petrol scythes, grinders, petrol and table saws, or forage harvesters. In the case of agricultural equipment, as opposed to an agricultural implement, the working process takes place both as a result of the movement of the entire machine across the field and as a result of the movement of the machine's active components, which are directly driven. Agricultural equipment thus consists of hand tools, power tools, tractors, etc. Equally common agricultural equipment includes sprayers, mowers and planters that are also used in horticulture, balers, plows and harvesters.

Agricultural machinery is available in three main variants: in the form of manually operated agricultural machinery, equipment adapted to work with an agricultural tractor, and self-propelled machines - otherwise known as self-propelled machines.

  • Manually operated agricultural machinery - is a simple, but mechanical equipment. This includes, among other things, hand mowers, petrol scythes, petrol and table saws, grinders for grinding grain, choppers, that is, agricultural machinery adapted for cutting into chopped straw, grass, corn and other fodder crops 
  • agricultural machinery for cooperation with a tractor - agricultural machinery in this category can be further divided into two types: those that use the drive of a tractor to carry out more complex operations and those for which only the driving ability of the tractor is required for operation. Among the most common agricultural machines that work with a tractor are cultivating units that perform the work of both a cultivator and a tiller or harrow; plows used for deep plowing and tilling, usually with three or five furrows; tillers for loosening the soil, harrows that break up the soil after plowing for sowing; seeders, which allow to carry out even seeding at the appropriate depth and area of the acreage; planters with functions similar to those of seeders, but differing from them in that they are used not for sowing seeds, but seedlings, tuberous plants and young trees; balers, manure spreaders, sprayers, diggers for potatoes, beets, carrots, tedders and rakes, mowers, spreaders of loose fertilizer, and reapers. Agricultural machinery of this type also includes trailers of various types
  • self-propelled agricultural machinery - this is self-propelled equipment, often used on specialized farms of considerable size and in horticulture. Self-propelled machines include, first of all, an agricultural tractor, a combine harvester adapted for simultaneous reaping of grain and threshing carried out while driving. The combine also performs the function of a shearer. Self-propelled agricultural machinery also includes potato and beet harvesters, forage harvesters, or slurry tankers that allow farmers to collect and distribute manure to the field. Equally useful self-propelled agricultural machines are loaders of various types, including wheeled or articulated telescopic loaders.