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On our website, apart from machines, you can also buy numerous accessories. Many product models have the option of adding various accessories to make your gardening work easier. You can buy from us, among others such garden accessories as:

  • Trailer - one of the flagship models is the AL-KO COMBI TRAILER CT 400 . Made of solid plastic, it has four-layer pneumatic tires, a one-piece body, comfortable grip and a tilt function. We can push it by hand or attach it to a tractor from a dedicated brand. Weighing less than 40 kg, it is able to carry a weight 10 times greater !
  • Snow plow - it is designed to care for various types of surfaces during winter. It is mechanically operated in two planes: up / down and right / left. The plow is dedicated to mowers of the same brand, but most models are also compatible with other vehicles, e.g. quads. One of the popular models is the 120 cm snow plow for the lawn mower.
  • Knife for the maintenance mower - it is the so-called a straight knife, characterized by slightly bent tips upwards. This results in a greater centrifugal force when mowing. The correct selection of the blade has a direct impact on the quality of mowing and the condition of the mower itself. Incorrect selection of the knife may damage or destroy the machines, so if in doubt, please contact our consultants!
  • Mulching knife - the use of this type of cutting blade allows the use of a mulching treatment. In practice, this means covering the lawn with a thin layer of swath , which decomposes causing the lawn to absorb the nutrients. In short, you create a natural and, above all, free fertilizer. After such treatment, the lawn is characterized by greater durability and the green acquires a juicy shade.
  • Spreader (seeder) - it is a device for sowing seeds. Its main advantage is speed and convenience, especially when we have a fairly large area to develop, e.g. when setting up a lawn. The main purpose of devices of this type is the dispersing of seeds: grass, vegetables or flowers. Simple and handy operation will be pleasant even for amateurs of gardening.
  • Roller - it is primarily an accessory to a lawn mower. It will be best for setting up and maintaining a lawn. In order to increase its efficiency, the roller can be filled with water or sand. Then, under a greater weight, the device will strengthen the soil even better before sowing the grass and press the seeds to the ground.
  • Chains for wheels - they are especially useful in the winter season, when our device may skid or get stuck in snow or slush.
  • Mulching insert - will help in the treatment of crumbling the swath. It is worth taking care of it if the mulching treatment is one of the steps we take when caring for the lawn.
  • Swath deflector - we can attach it instead of the basket, which allows the grass to be ejected from the rear and reduces the spreading to all sides.
  • Cover - prevents the machine from getting dust when stored.

We invite you to browse products from the accessories category. Thanks to them, you can make even better use of lawn mower tractors ! If necessary, we provide professional advice!