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Single axle tractors

Single- axle tractors are extremely graceful garden, agricultural or municipal vehicles, which are characterized by a structure based on a monoblock. This means that this type of tractor consists of a single axle chassis, an engine and a gearbox. Walk-behind tractors are therefore compact in size, which makes them easy to move around in many different places. In our offer you will find walk-behind tractors of various renowned brands. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the entire category of these products and to choose the right tractor for you!

Walk-behind tractors - a wide range in our store

The walk-behind tractors that you buy from us are carefully selected, efficient and reliable machines. One of the popular models is the Mitsubishi tractor , which has a working width of 50 mm and an air-cooled cylinder engine. When choosing a device, it is worth checking its power, which determines the capabilities of a given machine. The Mitsubishi tractor has a power of 3.5 HP, which places it among the smaller models. Vehicles with less power work well with mowers, plows, and even with tillers. Their lighter weight generates less traction possibilities. However, they are one of the most popular products in our store. The Kubota walk-behind tractor is a 14 HP machine. Large weight and power make this type of devices can cope with even the most difficult conditions. Medium power walk-behind tractors include approximate ones in the range of 8-11 HP with a weight around 100-150 kg. These types of machines can be equipped with additional equipment, thanks to which various types of agricultural or gardening tasks can be carried out without any problems. If you are wondering which walk-behind tractor to choose, please contact us!

We offer you used walk-behind tractors for which we give you a guarantee. Each vehicle undergoes a very thorough technical service, so you can be sure that your investment will be successful. Used tractors have a very favorable price. If any defects are detected during the service, we inform the customer about it.

Single axle tractors and a wide range of accessories

Single- axle tractors have a wide range of applications, thanks to the possibility of attaching various accessories to them. The machine must be properly adjusted to the tractor. These are, for example, a flail mower, a tiller or a harrow. In our online store, apart from walk-behind tractors, you will find a wide selection of accessories. Why is it worth taking advantage of our offer? First of all, we have a lot of experience, so we can advise you on the selection of the right equipment. We also offer an extensive warranty service and a well-equipped spare parts warehouse. So you don't have to worry about the life of your machine even in unforeseen situations. We encourage you to browse the products available in the store and make purchases!