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Rotary tillers are garden devices that prepare the soil for further work. They are used to quickly and easily loosen and aerate the soil for sowing vegetables, flower seedlings or lawn. This is one of the basic tools that are useful in cultivation, regardless of whether you have a field (in which case we also invite you to the tractor tillers section), a plot or a home garden.

How does a tiller work?

The tiller works by loosening the soil. The device punctures its outer layer, which allows better air flow, and water and nutrients reach deeper areas more easily. Thanks to this, the harvested crops are larger and the ornamental plants are beautiful and healthy. The tiller will also work perfectly as a tool for mixing fertilizers in the soil and for mechanically cleaning the ground from small weeds.

A universal gardening tool

Rotary tillers are multifunctional, multi-tasking and universal devices. They can also be used as lawn mowers, sweepers, snowpackers and even snow blowers. One machine will allow you to do many jobs in the garden, save money and space in your phone.

Combustion tillers on - how to choose?

Loosening the soil manually is very time-consuming and energy-intensive. This is especially true if the garden we are cultivating covers a larger area. Manual tillers are only suitable for cultivating a few flower beds. In our store we offer a large selection of proven combustion tillers from renowned brands . Combustion devices are usually slightly heavier and noisier than their electric versions, but they allow you to work comfortably throughout the entire area without having to worry about cables, and their powerful engines improve work efficiency. Pay attention to how many gears the model you are viewing on our website has and whether it has a reverse gear option. Petrol tillers ensure quick and easy work when cultivating soil - even very dry, hard and difficult to work with. When choosing a device, check its working width and depth. A good solution is to choose a tiller in which the working width can be adjusted. All models of combustion tillers we offer are equipped with solid, rubber transport wheels and ergonomically designed handles for guiding the machine. You can adjust the height of the handles to your height to make work as comfortable as possible and avoid injuries. Smaller combustion tillers can be stored in a tool shed, while larger and more powerful versions require storage in the garage. Be sure to check out models such as the STIGA tiller or the AL-KO tiller .

What should you remember after purchasing a petrol tiller?

In the descriptions of the devices we offer, you will find valuable information about the fuel and oils the tillers operate on. Just like any combustion machine, your tiller will require maintenance and a small inspection from time to time. When you choose one of the models we offer, you can be sure that you are choosing a solid product that has been tested by millions of users. Enjoy your shopping!