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EFD / EFDH - opening outlet

EFD with open outlet - professional flail mowers

In this category you will find a wide selection of EFD rear flail mowers . These devices are designed for mowing wasteland, weeded crops, meadows or fields after crops. The opened flap allows for convenient spreading of the mown material, and the shredded swath can be used as a natural fertilizer, increasing the fertility of the soil. Machines attached to a solid tractor ensure the best work results and its highest efficiency. On our website, we offer EFD flail mowers of the highest quality, thanks to which they can meet all the requirements of our customers. Our equipment was created with professional use in mind, therefore it combines all the features that professionals put on it. Ease of use, solid construction and ease of maintenance perfectly harmonize with the efficiency and effectiveness of the machine. If you have any additional questions, our staff is at your disposal!

EFD with an open outlet - characteristics and application of the equipment

EFD rear flail mowers are perfect for mowing half after crops or clearing unused, overgrown pieces of land. They can function efficiently on large surfaces. They are equipped with special beaters for cutting and shredding the material. They can run at a frequency higher than 3000 revolutions per minute. They perfectly cope with the process of mulching the swath, and the possibility of opening the outlet allows for effective spreading of clippings, preventing their accumulation and loading the tractor. For this type of equipment, it is best to use tractors with a power of at least 70 HP. The flail mower consists of two shafts: working, equipped with flails, and a copying shaft, which is responsible for keeping the equipment at the indicated height. The use of the copying shaft also allows you to adjust the mowing height. The models that deserve special attention include the flail mower with a shift EFD200 and the flail mower EFDH210 with a hydraulic shift . The extraordinary efficiency of these devices means that, when used once, they can be used to mow a large area of land.

EFD with open outlet - why is it worth it?

Why is the purchase of equipment in our store the best solution? We are a company that for many years has been importing and selling machines dedicated to agricultural and gardening work. All devices available on our website ensure exceptional quality that meets all the requirements of our customers. We are characterized by honesty, professionalism and individual approach to each of our consumers. We try to listen and provide any solutions that would meet individual needs. We will adapt the offer to each client, we will ensure the completeness of information, and before the device reaches its new owner, we will check it and prepare it accordingly. As one of the few, we have a warehouse that provides a large selection of original and spare parts, enabling fast, effective equipment service. We guarantee the reliability and long life of our devices. If you have any questions or need help - please contact us!