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Used - Mitsubishi

We have decided to introduce used Mitsubishi tractors to our offer because of their more attractive price than in the case of brand new devices, and still very good and satisfactory quality for customers. Mitsubishi is a reliable and proven brand. It produces a device of such high quality that almost all tractors of this company sold by us are in perfect condition. You will find in our store the use of Mitsubishi tractors in various configurations - in the basic version, with an installed cabin or with attached attachments - flail mower, plow or sand spreader.

Due to the nature of the sale of used machinery, the offer varies greatly over time, and usually only one tractor model is available. If you think that any of the used devices could work in your work, please contact us to dispel all possible doubts. However, if you have not found anything that currently meets your expectations, we invite you to periodically visit the category of used tractors.

Why buy a used Mitsubishi tractor?

Buying a used tractor is a great solution if you are interested in the Mitsubishi brand and would like to test the capabilities of its machines on your own farm. It is also a great solution if you want to run your business in an ecological manner and do not generate continuous production of new products. The great advantage of used tractors is also their more attractive price. If you cannot afford a brand new tractor , you will surely be satisfied with a carefully selected used tractor. During the many years of our store's existence, we have managed to sell tractors in excellent condition, manufactured many years ago (e.g. in 1995 or 2005).

How do we prepare a used tractor for display in our store?

All used tractor models that you can view in our online store have been thoroughly inspected by the best specialists. As, we place great emphasis on building a good and honest relationship with the customer, so you will be informed about all the replacements made and any detected defects in the equipment before you buy it. Before a used tractor is put up for sale again, it is tested and all its mechanical and hydraulic parameters are checked. We provide complete replacement of oil and fuel filters as well as operating fluids. Just like new models, used Mitsubishi tractors are covered by a two-year warranty, during which you can contact us with any problem you encounter, and we will try to help you solve it. On our website you will also find hundreds of spare parts (also used). All photos of the second-hand tractors were taken by us with the greatest care to present their actual condition. If you have any doubts or questions regarding any tractor from the used tractor category, we will be happy to provide you with a comprehensive answer. Like the new tractors , the used ones are also available for leasing or hire purchase and can be returned within 14 days of receiving the order.