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AG - double-sided heavy

AG mowers - the highest quality of equipment

When looking for an ideal device for more difficult work on larger areas, it is worth considering the purchase of an AG heavy-duty reversible mower . In this category, we present our wide selection of these types of machines. Thanks to the guarantee of the highest quality and reliability of the equipment, you can be sure that the investment you make will serve you for years. Our offer includes only proven devices, which allows us to meet the highest requirements of our customers. If you need a solid machine that you can easily attach to a tractor and mow wasteland areas, AG mowers will prove themselves perfectly. They are not afraid of fragments of branches, molehills or woody weeds. Their solid construction and ease of use are among the many advantages that make them often chosen by professionals. If you have additional questions or need help choosing the right model, our staff is at your disposal. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

AG mowers - specificity of devices

AG type heavy two-sided mowers are machines with high processing capacity and a strong structure. They were created for the care of meadows, pastures, wastelands and recreational areas. Wooden elements or any obstacles do not pose a threat to the mechanism. The flail mower is equipped with a special working shaft with solid flails that shred the swath and pieces of branches. The mulched material is spread over the land, making it a natural fertilizer and fertilizing the soil. A two-sided mower will take care of the leveling of the ground and its beautiful appearance. Models such as the AG-170 Flail Mower can be mounted on the rear and front of the tractor. Equipped with a hydraulic side shift, with the possibility of adjusting the cutting height and a working area of about 170 cm. Simple construction guarantees easy operation and low repair costs. It is perfect for urban areas and very difficult wastelands with lots of branches and stones. AG mowers will easily cope with where other types cannot.

AG mowers - why is it worth buying them at

By deciding to purchase one of the AG mower models available on our website, you are guaranteed the best money spent. Our company has many years of experience in the sale of agricultural and gardening machinery. We offer only the highest quality equipment, professionally prepared and tested before shipment to the customer. Professional service and individual approach to each of our consumers allow us to perfectly match a given device to specific requirements and needs. Our specialists will answer all your questions. Thanks to our own export fleet, we can easily deliver equipment to every corner of Poland and Europe. We also provide original and spare parts for all devices, which allows for a quick, professional service. If you have additional questions, our service is at your disposal.