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Power devices

Power generator – permanent power source

When planning to purchase a generator, we must first and foremost consider the purpose of our device. Do we need a small power supply device to connect small power tools while working in the garden or in the workshop, or a high-power generator that ensures constant power supply to the farm during a power outage caused by weather conditions or a power failure. Guided by these criteria, we choose a generator with different power adapted to our needs. You should also pay attention to whether the device has protection against a sudden change in mains voltage, which may result in damage to delicate electronics.

A few words about action

A generator is nothing more than a small home power plant. Just like our cars, it needs fuel to function properly, which, when burned, is converted into electricity. When choosing a power supply device, we must decide whether we want to use it for continuous operation or for a short time as an alternative to mains electricity. Currently, on the market we can choose generators manufactured in a way that best uses the combination of engine and alternator adapted to our needs.


Even though power generators use diesel oil for proper operation, they are devices with very low exhaust emissions. The AL-KO generators offered in our store are also characterized by low noise levels. We can therefore use this type of devices without fear of damaging our natural environment.