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Rollers / Aerators

You can buy various types of rollers in our online store. A string roller, also known as a roller or rod roller, is a simple tool that, when attached to another agricultural machine, increases its capabilities. Its construction is simple - it consists of metal circles on which bars are placed parallel, which, depending on the model of the roller, can be arranged perpendicularly or obliquely to the direction of travel. What is the string roller for and how does it work? The main task of the roller is soil compaction. It is the process of compacting a deeper layer of soil and crushing it closer to the surface. As a result, the soil is properly aerated and moist, while providing stability to the plant roots. Compaction makes the surface perfectly prepared for sowing seeds or vegetables. The use of a string roller reduces the number of tractor passes, thus avoiding soil dislocation, which is unfavorable for the yields. You can also find lawn rollers attached to a tractor.

Which roller to choose?

The individual models of rollers differ in width. A wider roller works faster, and the choice of sizes allows you to choose the roller for the machine with which you want to use it. Therefore, it is worth adjusting the selection of the appropriate model both to the needs of our field and to the size of other agricultural machines with which we want to combine it. In case of doubt, we strongly encourage you to contact our consultants who provide professional advice.

The cultivator string rollers , which differ in dimensions, are very popular in our store, so that you can choose the right product to meet your expectations. Let's see what products you can buy in this category!

String roller for the cultivator 120 cm

- shaft length: 1200 mm;
- number of cross combs: 8;

- frame: 1250 x 500 x 500 mm;

- shaft diameter: 330 mm;

- weight: 47 kg;

String roller for the cultivator 180 cm

- shaft length: 1800 mm;

- number of cross combs: 8;

- shaft diameter: 330 mm;

- weight: 55 kg;

- frame: 1850 x 500 x 500 mm;

String roller for the cultivator 150 cm

- frame: 1550 x 500 x 500 mm;
- shaft diameter: 330 mm;

- shaft length: 1500 mm;

- number of cross combs: 8;

- weight: 50 kg;

Why is it worth buying products from the Rollers category?

The rollers level the surface, crush it, loosen it and mix it. Their main task is to compact the topsoil without pressing it down. They work best on light and medium soils (they do not clog up). For a better effect, string shafts are often joined in pairs. Our rollers are produced in Poland, so by purchasing products from us, you support the domestic economy. Moreover, by purchasing the products we propose, you automate the processes in your company and obtain better results. A good quality grass roller will make garden care bring the desired results. This type of roller will help to even out losses on the surface, aerate the soil and lawn, and thus improve its growth. The use of specialized rollers for lawns will make them more flexible, they will grow even better, and water and fertilizers will be better absorbed. We cordially invite you to shop!

Aerators - care for your lawn at the highest level!

The aerator is a special device used to aerate and loosen the soil with sharp tines. The aim of the soil aeration treatment is to stimulate the grass to till better tillering and faster growth. We invite you to familiarize yourself with all the products from the aerator category!

When and how to use an aerator?

Substrate aeration should be performed twice a year - the first time in early spring to refresh and stimulate the lawn after a cold winter, and the second time in late autumn to prepare the turf for winter. The process is simple, but you must remember how to do it correctly so as not to damage your lawn. The first step is to cut the grass to a height of about 2-3 cm, and then water it abundantly. The ground under the turf must be very wet. Before starting the process, you need to wait until the water has soaked in - the surface of the lawn must be dry. The weight of the aerator can be increased by filling the lanyard with water or other safe liquid.

What are the benefits of using an aerator?

  1. It prepares the grass for the new season and "conserves it before winter".
  2. It aerates the soil, thanks to which water, fertilizers and general nutrients are better absorbed.
  3. It gives the grass a healthy, juicy green appearance.
  4. Removes the old felt layer from the lawn surface.
  5. Has a herbicidal effect.
  6. Made of solid materials, it will serve many seasons.

Which aerator to choose?

There are many types of aerators, e.g.

Manual - they are best suited for lawns with a small area, they are very ecological, because they do not use energy or emit fuel pollutants into the environment.

Cordless - dedicated to medium-sized surfaces, they have a limited working time on a single charge.

Combustion - are the best solution considering the lack of limitation of time and area of operation. However, among all models, it will not be a choice for lovers of ecology and caring for the environment, because it emits exhaust fumes.

Electric - intended for both larger and smaller areas, it works relatively quietly and quickly, but you should remember about the need to have access to electricity.

We have created a tabular comparison so that you can easily compare our two very popular models.





length 75cm, width 160cm, height 78cm.

length 90 cm, width 137 cm, height 95 cm.

working width

150 cm

120 cm


3 point

3 point

possibility of filling with water



Additional information

teeth height 6cm

weight 120kg

The aerator can also be a piece of equipment that combines its functions with those of a scarifier. This model is RG1202 . It was made of solid materials that will make it an indispensable garden assistant for decades. The machine cuts the grass to a small depth, which ensures that the soil is well aired. This treatment makes your lawn look healthy without the use of chemical fertilizers, and it will also help you eliminate weeds and pests. Which aerator to choose? Or maybe the model that combines it with a scarifier will be the best for you? Check out our offer or consult our consultants who will help you start your way to a more beautiful lawn!