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Iseki TM3267 AL municipal tractor with a 4x4 drive with a power of 30 HP + KŁOS sand spreader + street sweeper 120 cm

Another communal set goes to the customer. This time it is a 30 HP (30 HP) Iseki TM3267AL with a cab, front-mounted sweeper and fertilizer spreader, also used as a salt or sand spreader.

Hinomoto E28 Best + TUR front loader + tipping trailer

We love classics and the reliable ones especially, so we gladly import them for our clients. This autumn, the "king" of the classics is definitely the Honomoto E28 2x4 28KM with a front loader and a trailer with a trailer

Iseki TXG237, 3-cylinder diesel 27 HP - version with a cabin, grass catcher and snow plow

A universal communal set that will be perfect for mowing grass in summer and for clearing snow from pavements or parking lots in winter

Kubota B2741 4x4 27KM + front loader with bucket opened + LW-5 tractor excavator

The new Kubota B2741 tractor with a 4x4 drive, 27HP 4-cylinder diesel engine, which we equipped with a Platinum front loader and an LW5 trailed excavator.

Yanmar YM1700 2x4 17KM + original Japanese tiller

Our next "classic" Yanmar YM1Our next "classic" Yanmar YM1700 with 17HP diesel engine and original Japanese tiller.700 with 17HP diesel engine and original Japanese tiller.

Yanmar F155 z napędem 4x4 o moxy 15KM z ładowaczem czołowym TUR + kosiarka bijakowa EFG 105 GEOGRASS

Hydraulically operated 7CX-1 (E) n tipper trailer with Yanmar YM202D tractor

Yanmar YM2002D tractor with 20 HP 4x4 drive with a trailer with a capacity of 1000 kg with removable sides and a tipper to the rear.

Kubota B2441 4x4 24 KM + glebogryzarka separacyjna SB105

Mitsubishi MT170 4x4 17KM + EFG 105 flail mower + snow plow

Another autumn-spring-level set with a Mitsubishi MT170 tractor with a 4x4 drive with a mulcher for mowing grass and a mechanical snow plow.

Kubota ZB1902-M z napędem 2x4 silnik 3 cylindrowy 19KM + oryginalna japońska glebogryzarka