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Combustion (ATV)

ATV petrol lawn mowers

ATV combustion flail mowers are a type of mowers designed for mowing and shredding vegetation on various types of terrain. These are machines that have their own combustion engine and can be connected to off-road vehicles such as quads, 4x4 cars, mini tractors or tractors. These mowers can adjust the cutting height and direction, as well as move the cutting shaft sideways. ATV petrol flail mowers are equipped with flails, which are a sharpened mass rotating on the cutting shaft. The beaters chop the mown plants and leave them on the ground as mulch or transfer them to the basket. These mowers are characterized by high efficiency, reliability and ease of use. These mowers are ideal for maintaining lawns, gardens, sports facilities, parks, meadows, pastures, wastelands, roadsides and bushes.