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Cub Cadet

CUB CADET garden tractors - a unique offer in our store!

The American company CUB CADET focuses on innovation in the development and production of lawn mowers and garden tractors . The company has set itself the goal of consistently driving the development of lawn and garden equipment for your convenience. The company specializes in so-called tractors. zero-turn, i.e. machines rotating around their own axis. The unique 360° rotation technology allows you to easily avoid obstacles and makes mowing more comfortable and efficient.

What are Cub Cadet garden tractors?

Cub Cadet garden tractors take the user to a new level of lawn care experience. A level where mowing lawns becomes even more efficient, effective and enjoyable. Thanks to their construction, they make work easier and relieve you of tedious duties. Garden tractors are at least 20 cm wider than typical riding mowers and up to 40 cm wider than regular push mowers. A much larger scope of work allows you to mow 2-3 times faster and more effectively. Reducing the time needed to care for a large lawn means that the user not only gets a neatly trimmed lawn in a much shorter time, but also a lot of free time for himself and his family.

What features and advantages do CUB CADET mowing tractors have?

  • large 200 L mesh basket with cover (e.g. model LR1 MR76 )
  • possibility of purchasing a mulching insert
  • ergonomic seat
  • hydrostatic transmission (e.g. XT1 OS107 model )
  • energy-saving LED headlights, allowing work even after dark (e.g. XT1 OS107 model)
  • plug allowing for washing the chassis and knives (e.g. XT2 QR106 model)
  • mowing in reverse (e.g. XT2 QR106 model)
  • steel cutting unit with two blades for precise mowing of grass (e.g. model LT1 NS 96)
  • adjustable seat with shock absorption (e.g. LT1 NS 96 model)

As we can see, individual models have different functions, which goes hand in hand with differences in price, so each user will be able to choose something for their needs and budget.

Who are mowing tractors intended for?

Primarily for owners of large lawns and gardens whose manual care is burdensome. Unlike lawn mowers, they are not limited by anything - neither the length of the cord, nor the capacity of the battery, nor the problem of carrying additional fuel with you. Another advantage of these machines is the efficiency and convenience of working with them - the operating range of CUB CADET mowing tractors allows you to mow up to 2-3 times faster compared to manual mowing. Some models are equipped with an accessory exchange system, thanks to which this garden tractor can be easily transformed into a snow plow for clearing snow in winter, a roller, or a spreader. In addition, the tractors are equipped with ergonomic seats that will take care of your back while using the machine.

A wide range of models and a large price range will allow you to choose the best device, and our specialists are always ready to help. Don't hesitate, order the CUB CADET mowing tractor today and enjoy comfort and high quality of work!