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Cordless mowers

Cordless lawn mowers are garden tools that will make mowing your lawn a little less of a chore. Forget about running out of expensive fuel, forget about tangling underfoot, forget about problematic starting of equipment.

The convenience of work above all

Cordless mowers are innovative garden equipment that will make mowing your lawn fun, not a chore. Due to the fact that their source of power is a battery, using them does not require spending large amounts of money on fuel. Another advantage comes with this solution, namely that there is no cable to get tangled under the feet or around the equipment, or to be missing at the least desirable moment. Cordless mowers are extremely efficient and work so quietly that you can safely work with them after dark if you need to. Many models are immediately equipped with several mowing modes: with collecting clippings in the basket, with rear discharge or mulching, i.e. crushing the swath and spreading it on the lawn to fertilize the soil. Cordless mowers are one of the few equipment of this type that really turns out to be an investment, not an expense. They are practically failure-free, so you will avoid frequent and expensive repairs. If you care about environmental protection and pollution reduction, battery mowers will allow you to mow ecologically without emissions to the environment. Take mowing to the next level and enjoy the beautiful garden!