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Solo by AL-KO

Garden tractor from SOLO AL-KO - buy conveniently at!

Are you looking for a high-quality garden helper that will make your work easier? We invite you to browse products from this category! Thanks to the convenient shape of the tractor , you can easily mow even large areas in the summer, and in the winter it will be perfect for clearing snow. A wide range of products will provide you with the optimal opportunity to make the right choice. The advantage of tractors of this type is excellent maneuverability, which allows mowing even in very narrow places, and a wide range of accessories. Individual models differ mainly in engine power, ground specification, cutting height, price and additional functions. Thanks to this, every user will find something for themselves and their wallet.

AL-KO KOBER GROUP is a company with over 80 years of experience on the market. SOLO, on the other hand, is a top engine manufacturer. Solo by AL-KO is a product jointly produced by the German company as a result of the takeover of the Austrian engine manufacturer SOLO, so it is a combination intended to ensure the highest quality of the products offered. The offer includes many garden tractors , among which it is easy to find a model tailored to the requirements of your garden.

SOLO AL-KO garden tractor – where and when can we use it?

The SOLO AL-KO garden tractor is especially recommended for proud owners of large lawns. It allows for quick and, above all, comfortable work, during which we can rest and avoid running with heavy equipment in the heat. It significantly increases the efficiency of mowing grass and makes this activity more enjoyable. It is a multifunctional device that will find a number of different applications in your garden. It can easily mow the grass even on a large area. It can also collect already cut grass. Available accessories include a mulching kit, a swath spreader, also known as a swath deflector, a snow plow, a trailer, a spreader and a grass catcher. They can be installed, for example, in the Solo by AL-Ko T16-95.6 HD V2 Premium model. There are many possibilities to improve your work in the garden, and they are all at your fingertips.

SOLO AL-KO garden tractor – properties and advantages of products

  • Mulching function with mulching wedge
  • Easily accessible controls and central cutting height adjustment.
  • Energy-saving LED spotlights that allow for safe and comfortable work even after dark
  • Ergonomically placed forward and reverse pedals.
  • Ball-bearing cutting unit with two blades.
  • Compact dimensions.
  • Wide tires that promote grip
  • Comfortable, adjustable armchair.
  • Ergonomic steering wheel.
  • Side discharge
  • Good maneuverability of the device
  • In addition to the standard mowing option, our products have many other functions that are at your fingertips.

SOLO AL-KO guarantees a wide range of top products from the garden tractors category and more. We encourage you to browse our website or contact customer service, where our specialists will help you choose the best garden assistant for you!