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New - Kubota

Kubota is a Japanese brand that has gained popularity almost all over the world. By 2010, the company had sold over three million machines and the number of its supporters continues to grow. Kubota is one of the most popular brands in Poland. It will surely convince Polish farmers due to the high quality and durability of the tractors offered.

Types of Kubota tractors available in our store

Kubota produces multi-purpose tractors that are powerful and compact. They are perfect for classic agricultural work - in the field, in the orchard and in the garden. In our offer you will find Kubota tractors with an already mounted tiller , mower care, as well as those without a cabin and other equipment. They can also be used for municipal works. There are tractors with fitted heated cabins for work in winter conditions, which are equipped with a sand spreader and a plow.

Kubota A series tractors

The A series is the most technologically advanced line of the Kubota brand in the class of mini agricultural and municipal tractors. They meet the standards for exhaust emissions, safety and vibration levels to the very top. In his tractors, the manufacturer of the Kubota A series machines guarantees stable and high engine performance and extremely high comfort of use. The operator's cabin is muted and the seat is air-suspended. Halogen lights allow you to work efficiently even in the dark. For example, see the tractor + cultivator from the A series .

Kubota B series tractors

B series mini tractors are medium-power tractors, intended mainly for municipal tasks. They are perfect as garden, agricultural and construction equipment. The brand has equipped the models of this series with a comfortable operator's seat, an almost flat floor covered with an aesthetic and practical rubber lining, ergonomic controls and an illuminated instrument panel. If you are looking for reliable machines, check out new Kubota tractors, e.g. B2441 NeoStar B series.

Kubota L series tractors

The Kubota L series tractors are medium horsepower and size tractors among the machines available in the mini tractor and mini tractor segment. They are distinguished by the most attractive price among Kubota tractors. The simple design and high power of the engines, combined with the basic equipment, guarantee trouble-free operation, giving the operator great comfort during the works carried out. Check e.g. the Kubota L 3408 tractor .

New Kubota tractors - why is it worth it?

Kubota is a brand that, in addition to providing excellent mechanical parameters and the use of high-quality components, also cares about the comfort of the tractor operator. It is a world-tested company that designs and manufactures mini tractors . Manufacturers made sure to offer their customers a universal tractor, which can be easily selected with matching parts such as a cabin, a plow, a tiller, a flail mower or a hitch for a regular trailer. Kubota mini tractors have a comfortable handle for safe entry and exit. They are equipped with numerous safety sensors, e.g. an audible signal when the operator leaves the vehicle without applying the brake. All Kubota tractors are covered by a two-year warranty, and we also offer a service perfectly equipped with replaceable parts and run by excellent specialists.