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EFGC - heavy

EFGC mowers - equipment for special tasks

When planning mowing difficult, overgrown and unused areas, it is best to consider purchasing one of the specialized EFGC mower models. It is a solid type of heavy flail mowers , extremely useful especially for mowing meadows, pastures and wastelands. The EFGCs have been specially reinforced in terms of structure, and their massive structure makes them perfect for areas full of branches or stones. They can also cope with unevenness and mole mounds. EFGC mowers have been equipped with modern systems that enable them to work and prevent rapid wear. Their simple structure makes them easy to use and maintain, and servicing does not entail high costs. EFGC are machines designed for professional use. If you need help or additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact our staff!

EFGC mowers - specificity of machines

Sliding mowers are equipment dedicated to mowing areas such as wastelands, pastures, meadows or green areas in cities. The specific structure of the machine allows for safe operation in built-up areas, as it has a large reduction in the momentum of stones falling out. EFGC devices are equipped with an arched mount and strong bearings to make their operation fully comfortable for the user. High-performance beaters mulch tall grass, weeds and branches, and thanks to the precise chopping, the material does not need to be harvested. It is spread over the lawn, becoming a natural fertilizer for the soil. At the same time, it does not adversely affect the visual effect of the terrain. A model worth attention from the ones available on our website is the EFGC-K 175 flail mower , equipped with an opening hatch. It will work best when connected to a tractor with a minimum power of 60 HP. The opening tailgate allows for additional spreading of the cut material, thanks to which the tractor is less loaded. The possibility of adjusting the cutting height ensures easy adaptation to any terrain, and the working surface reaches the dimensions of 175 cm. It is the perfect choice for heavy duty care and mowing work on a variety of surfaces.

EFGC mowers - why is it worth it?

Buying an EFGC mower through our online store is a guarantee of money well invested. Our company has many years of experience in selling machines for gardening and agricultural work. Our offer includes only the highest quality equipment, which is specially prepared and tested before shipment. We are characterized by professional service, honesty and an individual approach to each consumer. As a result, we can meet all requirements effectively, finding the right solutions for every need. Our export fleet allows for quick delivery of equipment to a selected place in Poland and Europe. We also have a well-equipped warehouse full of original and spare parts. In this way, we can quickly and efficiently carry out all servicing of our devices. If you need help choosing the best device or have any questions - please contact us!