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Massey Ferguson

Producer Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson is a Canadian-American company that is a leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery . Massey Ferguson is a brand characterized by original, revolutionary design solutions. This is the manufacturer that produced the most agricultural tractors in the world (sells over 180,000 tractors a year). Massey Ferguson tractors have an excellent reputation for performance, versatility and reliability in a variety of applications. They have been powered by Perkins diesel engines continuously since 1959, and for some time also by SISU Diesel. Massey Ferguson makes sure that the equipment is modern and best suited to the needs of a modern farmer. The Massey Ferguson MF6028 tractor model we offer won the award for the most stylish tractor in the Farm Power Awards 2020 competition of Agriculture Today magazine.

Stylish line - Massey Ferguson MF6028

The Massey Ferguson 6028 tractor is a compact, yet powerful and efficient mini tractor with a 4x4 drive. Power steering makes operating such a powerful machine no problem. The tractor has agricultural tires (can be replaced with grass tires), two PTO/PTO speeds and a 3-point rear three-point linkage Cat I with a lifting capacity of 739 kg. The tractor is equipped with a manual gearbox with 6 forward gears and 2 reverse gears. The running gear with a sealed front axle and oil-immersed multi-disc brakes makes driving the MF6028 very safe. Perfectly refined design details such as a flat floor, trailer hitch and front tow hook make the tractor very functional. Driving a Massey Ferguson tractor is easy and pleasant due to the manufacturer's attention to detail. It provides a modern and clear dashboard and ergonomic arrangement of control levers. It is possible to equip the tractor with a cabin, which will certainly facilitate work in difficult weather conditions. The MF6028 tractor is perfect as a device for agricultural work, but it can also be used as a snow blower.

MF6028 tractor as a winter municipal vehicle

Our offer includes the MF6028 version with a heated cabin, a hydraulically operated snow plow and a Motyl municipal sand spreader. Therefore, the tractor will be perfect for municipal services in the city as a snow blower and sand spreader. It will be a safe and long-term investment of public money. You have the following options:

We cordially invite you to purchase Massey Ferguson tractors. We guarantee professional advice at every stage of the purchasing process. If you are wondering which tractor will be the most optimal solution for you, please contact us!