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Snow blowers

Electric or petrol snow blowers always save when there is a snow cover outside. We will easily and quickly remove snow thanks to the efficiency of our devices. But what if we don't have such a machine yet? As in our climate winter likes to surprise, it is worth thinking about what kind of snow blower we want to buy. A typical snow blower has an auger, which, in combination with the engine, breaks up even icy snow and large drifts. These pieces are thrown in the direction of several meters. Some models have additional functions, such as LED backlight or heated handles, which is especially appreciated in winter and autumn. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the numerous products from the snow blower category in our store!

Snow blowers - what types are there and which type to choose?

When deciding to buy a snow blower, we have electric, petrol and battery options to choose from. The first of them will work in small areas, when the snow is not too wet and frozen. Due to the fact that they are light, they can be operated by elderly people. The lightness of the device also allows for easy maneuvering. They will work well where there will be no problem with access to electricity. The second type you can choose is a petrol snowblower . It will definitely work well when working on a large plot. This type of snowblower does not need electricity, so you only need to add gasoline and you can start working anywhere, e.g. on the road. Petrol snow blowers are usually much larger and reach a size of about 50 cm, which contributes to faster cleaning of the area. The last type of snow blower is the battery snow blower. This model can work in all conditions. It is a battery operated device. It is enough to charge them to work efficiently for many hours, even during rainfall.

Snow blowers available at - choose today!

The snow blower, e.g. Stiga ST 42 62 P, is a reliable snow blower that can cope with any task. It has OHV technology, where the valves are located at the top, which shows in more power and less fuel consumption. The auger cutter is made of reinforced steel and its width is 62 cm! Thanks to this, the device can easily cope with hard snow. An additional element are sliding skids that protect against scratches. The electric snow blower, e.g. AL - KO SnowLine 760 TE, has a caterpillar drive, and thus excellent traction. Additional advantages are heated grips, 6 forward gears and 2 rear gears. The OHV technology, which it also uses, guarantees excellent performance. This is evident through increased productivity with reduced fuel consumption. It is started with a cable or an electric starter. The battery snow blower , such as the ALKO ST 4048 model, is powered by a lithium-ion battery. The device does not emit any exhaust fumes, which is its great advantage. It weighs only 15 kg, making it easy to store. The battery is designed in such a way that the device is very quiet when in use.