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What is a planter ? As the name says it is a machine for mechanical planting. The most common are tuberous plants (e.g. potatoes), bulbous plants (e.g. tulips), seedlings (e.g. cabbage, celery, tobacco, rice). Planters are also used to place young trees. If you care about a profitable investment that will significantly improve the speed and efficiency of work on the farm, we invite you to take advantage of our offer!

How to choose the right planter model?

In our online store you will find many products that are characterized by solid workmanship and a long service life. When choosing the right product for you, pay attention to such elements of the planter as:

  • planting depth
  • tank capacity
  • planting distance
  • the distance of blowing up can be adjusted

You can buy only products from proven brands that focus on the high quality of their devices. The single-row potato planter is easy to use and the planting width is adjustable in three steps (29/32/35 cm). It makes even the most demanding user satisfied. During the entire planting process, this product does all the necessary work - it lifts a place in the ground, it will automatically plant the potatoes, and finally cover them with earth, creating fir trees. Other advantages are the adjustable planting distance for potatoes 29/32/35, planting depth 10-15 cm, tank capacity 90 kg. The two-row tractor-mounted planter is a model primarily dedicated to tuberous plants (mainly potatoes). It is attached to the three-point hitch of the Cat I and Cat II tractor, and its mode of operation is simple - the working planter wheels drive the planting mechanism. This model is multifunctional - when operating with the coulter, it first makes small depressions in the ground, and then automatically throws potatoes into the soil and covers them. A planter, so it will relieve you of such a laborious and tedious job. The planting depth here is 100-150 mm, and the tank capacity is 180 kg. The 4FARMER single-row planter is a model made of high-quality materials that will make every spring work in the field a pleasure. Thanks to the three stages of planting width adjustment, you will not have to buy three different machines, you just need to change the diameter of the road wheels. In addition, the model itself will prepare the soil for placing the plant in it, and then carefully cover it.

Professional planters from reputable producers - why is it worth it?

What are the benefits of having a planter ? First of all, such a machine saves your time and health. Tedious work in the field in the future can cause many problems, and a machine that will help you will be an invaluable assistant. The big advantage of planters is the even distribution of plants in the soil at the same depth, which helps them to grow properly, and such precision is sometimes difficult to achieve with large areas. In addition, our models have different working widths, so you will be able to adapt it strictly to your crops. It is an easy-to-use product that will optimize your field work. Enjoy your shopping!