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Flail mowers

Flail mowers - a wide range of products

The flail mower is a type of rotary mower, and its cutting elements are flails, which shred plants. This method of mowing was used in a forage flail cutter. The system in which the beaters are sharpened masses rotating on the cutting shaft is ideal for mowing wasteland and roadsides. The drive systems can be mechanical via a PTO shaft or hydraulic via a hydraulic motor. Their main advantage is that they are able to cut not only grass, but also bushes, twigs and other harder elements encountered on their way. Moreover, flail mowers excellently mulch the vegetation.

Where are flail mowers used?

They are mainly used for mowing grass on large areas of land or for cutting crop residues. Flail mowers efficiently mulch the cut vegetation. As a result, it is crushed and left on the ground, and consequently can fertilize it. In many cases, this is a very desirable action as the tiny clippings will decompose quickly and support the growth of the rest of your plants. Due to their compact dimensions, flail mowers can be attached to small tractors and work in hard-to-reach places. This type of device is perfect for cultivated fields, where they perform thorough cleaning, on ornamental lawns, as well as when mowing roadsides.

What types of mowers are the most desirable?

  1. Light EF - designed for mowing and caring for meadows, pastures and wastelands. The compact dimensions allow the machine to be used in hard-to-reach terrain in greenhouses and between rows.
  2. Medium EFG - ideal for mowing all kinds of wastelands, roadsides, green areas in cities; maintenance of pastures, meadows, recreational areas of shrubs for cleaning purposes, mowing green areas in parks or as a machine supporting cleaning in horticulture and nursery.
  3. Heavy EFGC - intended mainly for larger areas, mowing and care of meadows, pastures and wastelands.
  4. Heavy with EFGCH travel
  5. Heavy double-sided AG
  6. Heavy DP / DPH
  7. With EFDH open inlet
  8. Posterior lateral AGF / AGL

Let us finally present you with a few advantages of devices that will make you want to own them right away:

  • you can easily use flail mowers in urban areas, because the amount of flying stones is limited, and the occasional flying pieces are slowed down to a minimum, which guarantees optimal operation;
  • when caring for lawns, there is no need to collect mulched grass, if this treatment is repeated quite often;
  • simple structure ensures reliability and low repair costs;
  • it can also cope with neglected and overgrown surfaces with more stones, branches and other gardening obstructions;
  • has a double protection against damage to the gear: the hammers bounce off a stable obstacle, the belts on the pulleys slip in the event of too much resistance.

Do you have questions about flail mowers? Feel free to contact our store staff, who will help you choose the right device!