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Flail mowers

Flail mowers - a wide range of products

The flail mower is a type of rotary mower, and its cutting elements are flails, which shred plants. This method of mowing was used in a forage flail cutter. The system in which the beaters are sharpened masses rotating on the cutting shaft is ideal for mowing wasteland and roadsides. The drive systems can be mechanical via a PTO shaft or hydraulic via a hydraulic motor. Their main advantage is that they are able to cut not only grass, but also bushes, twigs and other harder elements encountered on their way. Moreover, flail mowers excellently mulch the vegetation.

Where are flail mowers used?

They are mainly used for mowing grass on large areas of land or for cutting crop residues. Flail mowers efficiently mulch the cut vegetation. As a result, it is crushed and left on the ground, and consequently can fertilize it. In many cases, this is a very desirable action as the tiny clippings will decompose quickly and support the growth of the rest of your plants. Due to their compact dimensions, flail mowers can be attached to small tractors and work in hard-to-reach places. This type of device is perfect for cultivated fields, where they perform thorough cleaning, on ornamental lawns, as well as when mowing roadsides.

What types of mowers are the most desirable?

  1. Light EF - designed for mowing and caring for meadows, pastures and wastelands. The compact dimensions allow the machine to be used in hard-to-reach terrain in greenhouses and between rows.
  2. Medium EFG - ideal for mowing all kinds of wastelands, roadsides, green areas in cities; maintenance of pastures, meadows, recreational areas of shrubs for cleaning purposes, mowing green areas in parks or as a machine supporting cleaning in horticulture and nursery.
  3. Heavy EFGC - intended mainly for larger areas, mowing and care of meadows, pastures and wastelands.
  4. Heavy with EFGCH travel
  5. Heavy double-sided AG
  6. Heavy DP / DPH
  7. With EFDH open inlet
  8. Posterior lateral AGF / AGL

Let us finally present you with a few advantages of devices that will make you want to own them right away:

  • you can easily use flail mowers in urban areas, because the amount of flying stones is limited, and the occasional flying pieces are slowed down to a minimum, which guarantees optimal operation;
  • when caring for lawns, there is no need to collect mulched grass, if this treatment is repeated quite often;
  • simple structure ensures reliability and low repair costs;
  • it can also cope with neglected and overgrown surfaces with more stones, branches and other gardening obstructions;
  • has a double protection against damage to the gear: the hammers bounce off a stable obstacle, the belts on the pulleys slip in the event of too much resistance.

Do you have questions about flail mowers? Feel free to contact our store staff, who will help you choose the right device!

Najczęściej zadawane pytania

Flail mowers are available in different variants - which flail mower for a mini tractor will be the best? Equipment from the category of light EF, EFN or medium EFG mowers will be the best choice. Machines of this type are compact, and therefore do not need as much power as, for example, heavy flail mowers EFGC. A flail mower for a mini tractor should be compatible with tractors up to 30 horsepower. offers, among others, models from the 4Farmer brand, including a product from the EF series - the EF 85 flail mower adapted for use with a 9 hp tractor. The equipment has a mowing width of 850 mm, in addition to a working shaft equipped with 28 Y-type knives interchangeable with flail hammers, it is enriched with a rear coping shaft, which makes it possible to adjust the height of mowing. The drive from the tractor's power take-off is equal to 540 rpm. For those looking for equipment with a larger working width, we suggest equipment such as the EF 135 4FARMER flail mower with a working width of 1350 mm. In addition to a robust working shaft, the machine is also equipped with a rear roller, which allows you to set the mowing height and maintain it at the desired height. The drive from the tractor's power take-off is 540 rpm. The equipment in this series has 3 V-belts and is ultimately equipped with 48 Y-blades, but it is possible to convert to flail hammers - both at the stage of purchasing the mower and during its operation. The EF 135 model is compatible with tractors with a minimum of 20 hp at high tractor weights. Equally recommended is another 4Farmer signature model - the EFG 145 flail mower suitable for use with a minimum 30 hp tractor. Like the Geograss model, the equipment is equipped with 24 flail hammers, the working width is equal to 1450 mm. The advantage of this model is that it is equipped with 4 V-belts. In addition to the fact that this type of mower is great for mowing brush, wasteland, roadsides and weedy areas, it is equally suitable for maintenance work in orchards, forest nurseries, overgrown meadows and pastures, and can easily handle the removal of crop residues. 

Need advice on choosing a flail mower for the mini tractor you have? Contact us and we will help you complete a reliable, efficient equipment with parameters tailored to your needs. 

Flail mowers are robust machines designed to work on large areas. Because of this, they require adequate power from the tractor they work with. How much tractor power for a flail mower is necessary? Everything depends on both the model of the mower itself and our needs, or the specifics of the place where we will work. After all, there are both smaller flail mowers with a compact design that work with mini tractors, thus being able to reach hard-to-reach places. offers models that are compatible with tractors as small as 9 horsepower with a large tractor weight. One such equipment is a proposal from the 4Farmer brand - a flail mower EF 85. This mulcher is equipped with 28 Y-blades (basic equipment, it is possible to replace them with flail hammers - both at the stage of purchasing the equipment and during its operation), and the mowing width is equal to 850 mm. The mower has a robust working shaft and a rear coping shaft, which allows you to adjust the height of mowing and keep the mower at the selected height. The drive from the tractor's power take-off is equal to 540 rpm. When looking for more powerful equipment, we must, of course, expect that it will need more power to operate properly and efficiently. Thus, if we need heavy equipment of the EFGC type, we must set ourselves up for the need to work with a tractor with more power, such as 60 hp. An example of a flail mower that requires such tractor parameters is the EFGCN 175 4FARMER model. The equipment is designed for mowing and cultivating meadows, roadsides, recreational areas, wastelands and pastures. It will also prove useful for eliminating small bumps or molehills. Thanks to the rather large limitations of falling stones from under the mower, the equipment can be used in built-up areas. The flail mower in this series has a working width of 1750 mm, 4 V-belts, an output of 1.75 ha/h and is equipped with 28 flail hammers, which can be replaced by 56 Y-shaped knives. also offers more massive models compatible with tractors up to 130 hp. If you need help in selecting a model for the specific space where the mower is to work, contact us - thanks to many years of experience in the industry, we will find equipment that will meet your needs and expectations. In the assortment of the store we have products from reputable brands only. In addition to flail mowers from 4Farmer, we also offer machines from Geograss or TRX.

Flail mowers are equipment equipped with flails mounted on a cutting shaft. This type of mechanism allows for efficient and accurate mowing of large areas, tall grasses, branches or bushes. Agricultural flail mowers are available in several variants, which include:

  • EF lightweight - compact, with a lightweight design, suitable for mulching smaller grass areas and lower plant waste. Equipment in this category has a lighter weight, making it compatible with very small tractors with less power. EF lightweight flail mowers are equipped with Y-type blades, which can be replaced with 0.40 kg hammers. Mowers of this type will cope when mowing wasteland, roadsides, recreational areas, equally well suited for eliminating small bumps or molehills. This equipment is also suitable for the care of meadows, pastures, or cleaning work in orchards. The advantage of flail mowers EF lightweight is the design, which allows work in built-up areas - all thanks to a significant reduction in the fall of stones from under the device. Another advantage is the low cost of purchase - at there are models available for prices starting from PLN 3,890.
  • EFG medium - equipment in this category can perform several jobs simultaneously. EFG medium flail mowers are suitable not only for cutting grass, but also shrubs, woody weeds, or twigs. The machines have a double protection against transmission damage - the hammers bounce off a stable obstacle. Another advantage is the drive transmitted by V-belts, which slip if there is too much resistance. EGF mowers can easily cope with neglected terrain, where there are more branches, stones or other similar obstacles. Like EF light flail mowers, EFG medium equipment also mulches vegetation, fertilizing the soil. The machines are available in two variants - EFG medium flail mowers equipped with hammers and EFG medium flail mowers equipped with Y-blades. This is a good choice for working on all kinds of wasteland, the equipment will also cope with mowing green areas in parks, roadsides, green areas in cities and beyond, it will be good for cultivating meadows and pastures, recreational areas of scrub for cleaning purposes. EFG medium flail mowers are also used as cleaning machines in the orchard and nursery industry.
  • EFGC heavy - these are flail mowers with robust construction and higher power, adapted for use with tractors with higher horsepower. The equipment will prove useful for mowing and cultivating meadows, pastures and wastelands of various types, roadsides, recreational areas, or the elimination of small irregularities and molehills, coping equally well in both undeveloped and built-up areas (thanks to a fairly high reduction in the fall of stones from under the machine). EFGC flail mowers mulch the swath and are equipped with 0.80 kg hammers, which can be replaced with Y-type blades.
  • EFGCH heavy sliding - these are flail mowers adapted for mowing areas with a large amount of brush and weeds, wasteland, or roadsides. The equipment is equipped with a hydraulic shift, which allows for precise operation of the machine. This type of mower will cope with the terrain where there are obstacles such as stones or branches, easily overcoming hard-to-reach places, such as between trees, under treetops, or under fences. The distinguishing feature of EFGCH heavy-duty sliding flail mowers is a strong construction and a special stabilizing system, which contributes to long-term, trouble-free use. This type of equipment is equipped with an arched mounting and stronger bearings, as well as robust flails that ensure precise mulching of both tall grass and weeds or branches.
  • AG double-sided heavy-duty - this is equipment with high processing power and strong construction, so it is ideal for difficult terrain. Flail mowers in this series are suitable for meadows, pastures, recreational areas and wastelands. AG double-sided heavy-duty mowers are equipped with a special working shaft with solid flails, which thoroughly shred the swath and pieces of branches, thanks to the appropriate design, the equipment can easily cope with areas where there is a lot of weeds, branches, stones or other such obstacles. Machines of this type are compatible with tractors with greater power.
  • DP/DPH heavy-duty - is equipment for specific applications, such as cleaning up the land after vine cultivation, cleaning up neglected wastelands, roadsides, or farm bypasses. DP/DPH flail mowers thoroughly shred shrub branches and tall, dense grass. Thanks to the working shaft with massive flails, the equipment guarantees precise mulching of the swath. Flail mowers of this type are characterized by high power, high efficiency and a large cutting width, even over 200 cm. Due to their dimensions, the machines are adapted for use with tractors with a power of not less than 70 hp.
  • EFD/EFDH open discharge - these are flail mowers created for mowing wasteland, weedy crops, meadows and fields after crops. The equipment is equipped with an opening flap for convenient spreading of mowed, mulched material. Thanks to the power of the mowers in this series, they can be used on areas of considerable size. The beaters with which EFD/EFDH equipment is equipped can operate at a frequency of more than 3,000 revolutions per minute. The machines are equipped with two shafts - a working shaft with flails and a copying shaft, which is responsible for keeping the equipment at the right height, allowing the mowing height to be adjusted. Due to the massiveness of the equipment and higher horsepower, EFD/EFDH flail mowers are adapted for use with tractors of not less than 70 hp.
  • AGF/AGL/AGH rear-side - the equipment works with mini tractors or tractors, and is adapted to work on difficult terrain. As a result, flail mowers of this type can be used for mowing wasteland next to busy roads, the edges of ponds, or narrow alleys in the orchard. In addition to mowing and mulching tall grass, AGF/AGL/AGH rear-side mowers can handle cutting woody weeds, branches, or shrubs. Powerful cutting flails combined with the option to adjust the extension and tilt make this type of flail mowers guarantee efficient and effective work, proving themselves on demanding terrain. An additional advantage is the limitation of the ejection of cuttings, so the equipment can be safely used also in urban and busy spaces. also offers EFM/FLM flail mower models with manual override and FCN flail mowers with basket from brands such as 4FARMER, Geograss, and TRX.

Flail mowers are equipment that performs several activities simultaneously. It is a variation of the rotary mower, but the most significant difference, and therefore the main advantage of this type of equipment, is that during operation, flail mowers not only cut, but also mulch the swath, thereby creating a natural fertilizer to nourish and strengthen the soil. Flail mowers can handle both tall grass and woody weeds, twigs, or shrubs very well. A large number of flails, i.e. hammers that rotate vertically, makes the equipment suitable for work in difficult conditions, such as wasteland, and in addition, it is durable - flails do not blunt and do not lose their properties. Mowers of this type can be successfully used for mulching plant residues generated during field work (e.g. corn straw, straw, sunflower, manure, tallow), orchard and vineyard work (grasses, branches, vines), plant residues from municipal areas (by roadsides, tracks, watercourses, embankments, or infrastructure facilities), or for clearing meadows and pastures.

When choosing a flail mower, it is important to match the model to your specific needs, i.e. the specifics of the job site, the equipment with which the mower is to work, and the terrain on which the equipment is to mow and mulch. Flail machines can be divided into several categories:

  • type of drive: we can distinguish between mechanical flail mowers, driven from the tractor's PTO, hydraulic ones working with excavators and special vehicles
  • type of cutting tools: flail mowers can be equipped with powerful flails, i.e. heavy hammers, Y-type knives or knives on suspenders
  • type of mounting and location of the working head: front, rear-side, side, boom
  • the power of the tractor: lightweight flail mowers work with mini-tractors with power as low as 10 hp, heavier equipment with a larger working width, adapted to work on more difficult terrain will require more power. Flail mowers of this type are compatible with tractors up to 300 hp offers a range of models - both lightweight, for less advanced work, and heavier, more powerful equipment that can easily cope with uneven terrain, tall, dense grass, woody weeds, shrubs, vines and branches, or molehills. We rely on well-known, respected and experienced brands, such as 4FARMER, Geograss, or TRX. We offer flail mowers like EF, EFG, EFGC, sliding EFGCH, double-sided AG, DP/DPH, EFD / EFDH with open discharge, AGF / AGL / AGH - rear-side, EFM / FLM - with manual shift and FCN with basket - if you need help in choosing a model, our experienced experts can advise you!

The price of a flail mower depends on its type and parameters, and therefore its application. offers models starting from PLN 3,890. An example of such equipment is the EF 85 4FARMER lightweight flail mower. This model is adapted for work on grassy wastelands, meadows, pastures, weedy areas, it will also cope with post-harvest cleanup work. The EF 85 4FARMER light flail mower has a cutting width of 85 cm, but the store also offers models with seven other widths. The advantage of the model is a robust working shaft equipped with horizontally spaced flails (the equipment is ultimately equipped with Y-type knives, but it is possible to replace them with flail hammers both at the stage of purchase and in later operation), as well as a rear kickshaft allowing to adjust the height of mowing and maintain the set working height. The drive from the tractor's PTO is 540 rpm.

EFG-medium models are equipment priced from PLN 5,390. Our recommended variant in this price range is the EFG 105 4FARMER flail mower suitable for mowing and mulching wastelands, meadows and pastures, weedy areas or corn crop residues, equally well coping with work in bushes, roadsides, orchards and plant nurseries. The equipment has a mowing width of 105 cm, but five other widths are available. A robust working shaft equipped with 16 horizontal flails and a copying rear shaft ensure accurate cutting and shredding of swaths, allowing the mower to adjust its working height. The drive from the tractor's PTO is 540 rpm, and the equipment is equipped with a CAT I 3-point linkage. 

If you are looking for heavy-duty equipment, such as an EFGC flail mower, you will find models starting from PLN 5,699 in the offer of our online store. We offer not only a wide selection of models signed by well-known, experienced and respected brands in the industry, but also attractive prices and professional advice on the selection of equipment for specific needs.