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AGF / AGL / AGH - posterior lateral

AGF / AGL - posterior-lateral - top quality equipment

In this category you will find a wide selection of rear-side flail mowers available for purchase on our website. We offer models of the highest quality mowers, with a strong structure and relatively low weight, allowing for safe use of the devices. They are perfect for places where standard mowers cannot cope. The flail mower can be attached to a mini-tractor or tractor . It is immediately ready for use. Our offer includes various models from well-known manufacturers, and the equipment available in our store is reliable and solid. By deciding to buy, you can be sure that the machine will serve you without failure for years. The qualified staff of our store will help you choose the perfect model, answer all your questions and ensure your comfort when making transactions. We are at your disposal!

AGF / AGL posterolateral - features and applications

Rear-side flail mowers are adapted to work in difficult terrain. They are perfect for mowing wastelands on busy roads, edges of ponds or narrow passages in the orchard. Their extraordinary advantage is the fact that, apart from grass, they can also cut branches, bushes or other harder elements. They are equipped with a set of cutting hammers. Moreover, unlike rotary mowers, flail mowers mulch the cut ears, that is, they chop them up and spread them around. The swath prepared in this way becomes a natural fertilizer, and at the same time provides a better visual effect of the terrain. These devices are ideal for mowing half after crops. One of the models that deserve special attention is the AGF-180 rear-side flail mower . It is a solid device with a working surface of approx. 178 cm, thanks to which it can mow a large area in one go. Mowers of this type have the ability to adjust the extension and tilt, which is why they are extremely comfortable when mowing hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. Due to the limitation of the momentum of elements falling out of the mower, it can be safely used in urban and busy areas. The equipment is extremely easy to use and at the same time easy to maintain.

AGF / AGL - rear-side - professional devices at

What makes the purchase of equipment in our store the best option? An important argument is the fact that the devices available on our website are a guarantee of the highest quality that meets the highest requirements of our customers. For many years we have been importing and selling machines for agricultural and gardening work. We are characterized by honesty and an individual approach to each consumer, which allows us to meet all needs. We will perfectly adapt the offer to specific requirements, we will take care of the completeness of information, we will check and properly prepare the machine before it reaches your hands. We offer a guarantee for each product, allowing you to use it safely without fear of failure. A well-stocked warehouse, full of original and spare parts, will allow for a quick, comprehensive service of each device. With us, you can be sure that the investment you make will allow you to use the equipment for many years. If you have any questions or need help - feel free to contact us!