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Diggers are agricultural machines that are used to mechanically dig potato tubers out of the ridges. Their construction is very simple - they consist of a vibrating ploughshare with adjustable digging depth that transports potatoes and soil to a vibrating basket. The vibrations keep the vegetables in place, and the lighter soil falls back into the soil. The digging depth is regulated by the rear support wheels. Sifting intensity can be increased by adjusting the inclination of the sifting hopper.

Diggers available at

At, we focus on products that have been proven and tested by thousands of users. The URSA vibratory excavator offered by the URSA brand is a single-row device, made of strong and solid materials. All vibration elements are moved by a tractor-driven connecting rod. The axles of the ploughshare and the sifting hopper are equipped with rubber sleeves, thanks to which the machine is very stable during operation. As a shop specializing in mini tractors and small machines, we also offer small-size diggers. Its small dimensions mean that you will be able to use it on small plots, flat and hilly areas. In addition, the transport and storage of the device will not be complicated.

Benefits of buying potato vibratory diggers

When you buy potato vibratory diggers from us, you can be sure that the product will be long-lived and proven. You can easily install mini tractor tools and get the job done faster. The pace of harvesting, thanks to the use of modern diggers, will be even better than before. The high mechanization of farms has become a fact. Potato price increases make the investment in vibratory diggers profitable. The devices available in our store are bought by both owners of small plantations and those with large arable fields. If you are wondering if a given digger is right for you, know that the vibrating device will be perfect for small and medium-sized farms. Compared to self-propelled machines, using vibratory potato diggers save fuel and generate lower costs.

What is a quality vibratory digger characterized by?

A high-quality vibratory digger should certainly be of a strong and solid structure. Thanks to this, you do not have to worry about mechanical damage to the device and its service life. The product should also be corrosion resistant. Before buying, it is also worth getting acquainted with the type of digger attachment. You can easily attach the diggers to your tractors. Thanks to the selection of quality products, you will increase productivity while working and avoid many losses. Do you have questions related to products in this category? We invite you to contact us and to do shopping!