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Transport equipment

Transport attachments for tractors make many types of work much easier for you. In our store you will get a wide range of products in this category. Thanks to many years of experience in the industry, we can offer you only proven transport equipment. Want to invest well? Enjoy your shopping!

Transport equipment for tractors - what products can you buy from us?

You can buy agricultural trailers and tractor trailers from us, thanks to which you can easily transport various types of goods. One of the popular products is a single-axle agricultural trailer - an invaluable assistant for transporting larger dimensions. The classic model is the one called 7CX-1(E), which is a standard product without brakes and boards. It is able to bear a weight of up to 1500 kg. Extended versions with mechanical brake, overrun brake or with two brakes are also available. Compact dimensions (2000 x 1000 x 400 mm) make the trailer easy to store in the off-season. You can also buy pallet forks from us - a phenomenal accessory for your Cat. I tractor. They will help you transport heavy pallets of various sizes. They have an adjustable working width of 785 / 605 / 425 / 245 mm, thanks to which no pallet will be terrible for you. Transport box with manual tipping - a must-have on every construction site, irreplaceable in the transport, mainly of loose products. It is finished with a slanted slat, which allows you to accurately collect the desired material. Mighty car BN-1(STD) - an electric cart that will help you quickly organize your storage space. Thanks to the power supply, it is ecological and easy to use. Compact dimensions of 320x115x170 cm will make the stroller easy to store. Forest crane ATV LT1500 - characterized by solid workmanship with attention to every detail. Thanks to its low weight and compact dimensions, it copes well even in difficult terrain, making work a pleasure. The powerful Lifan 168F-2 engine and over 3 meters of reach make the machine able to lift up to 300 kg! Technical data of the crane in brief Transport box with hydraulic tipping - it is equipped with a hydraulic tipping mechanism that allows it to be fully unloaded. It has a one-sided, rear tipping system, suspended on the three-point linkage of the tractor. Destiny is versatile. It is mainly used in agriculture, households, construction companies or municipal services companies. Thanks to the flat slat, you can transport many things in it, from loose materials to wood. Agricultural trailer with 3-way tipping - a high-quality product that will never let you down. Compact dimensions are only the appearance of innocence of this device, because it will help you lift up to 2 tons! This model has an ecological electrical installation and the possibility of tipping on 3 sides. Take advantage of our offer!