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ISEKI is the third largest manufacturer of agricultural machinery in Japan. The company produces machines used for planting and harvesting, as well as the production of spare parts and components. 90 years of experience in the production of agricultural tractors, Japanese technology, factories located all over the world, German precision, modern production process and the most developed distribution network in the mini tractor sector - all this has provided the brand with millions of satisfied customers.

Iseki tractors - various types in the store

In our store you will find several dozen models of the Japanese brand Iseki, so you will certainly find a tractor best suited to your needs. You will find tractors for working in difficult weather conditions with a cabin or those for working in sunny weather. Iseki mini tractors are also available in a version with tracks, so if you work in really difficult, wet and muddy terrain, this may be the solution for you. Iseki tractors can be used in classic farm work - in the field, in an orchard or garden, but also as municipal machines. You will find them in our version with a classic or arrow snow plow or a front loader. You can attach a sweeper, tiller, etc. to each machine.

Iseki tractors - why is it worth investing in them?

90 years of success on the markets of all continents is an advertisement for the brand itself. All Iseki models that we include in our offer are multi-tasking machines. Most of them have four-wheel drive. The devices also have an appropriately powerful engine matched to the compact dimensions of the tractor. The wheels have a narrow track, which makes the machines very maneuverable. Iseki is a brand that also takes care of the comfort of the tractor operator. As befits Japanese equipment, the dashboard is very modern and user-friendly. The driver's seats have excellent shock absorption, which is extremely useful in difficult, uneven terrain. The cabins are equipped with air conditioning, so neither heat nor cold will affect work efficiency. Work is also efficient thanks to the built-in cruise control and power steering. Maintenance and repair of Iseki tractors are not a problem due to their simple construction and wide opening hood. All of them are subject to warranty, and in our store you will find dozens of spare parts should any element be damaged. We invite you to familiarize yourself with unique models, e.g. Iseki TM3187 or TG6687 .

Iseki - tractors designed for many tasks

The models produced by Iseki are prepared for multi-tasking work. Depending on your needs, you can choose between additional tractor equipment options. If you intend to use the tractor for field work, Iseki offers additional equipment - a plow, tillers, seeder or mowers. The most powerful engine has a power of up to 49 HP, so despite their small size, the tractors can also cope with large areas. If the machine is to be used for municipal work, use the sweeper option.