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EFGCH - heavy sliding

EFGCH mowers - professional equipment for tough work

If you plan to mow areas with a lot of brush and weeds, or where you may encounter obstacles such as stones or branches, invest in one of our specialized EFGCH mowers. It is a unique type of heavy flail mowers , which will be perfect for wastelands or roadsides. Equipped with a strong structure and a special stabilizing system, which allows for long-term and failure-free use. EFGCH mowers have been enriched with many modern systems that enable them to work and prevent rapid wear. Thanks to their simple structure, they are easy to use and maintain, and their service does not entail higher costs. Heavy sliding mowers are machines designed for professional applications. They will help to clean up areas where other models could not cope. If you need help or have additional questions, please contact our staff!

EFGCH mowers - characteristics and application

The EFGCH sliding mowers are characterized by a sturdy structure and remarkable performance. This equipment is dedicated to mowing difficult terrain in the form of wastelands, green areas in cities, roadsides or recreational areas. They are also perfect for cleaning up nurseries and orchards. The machines have been equipped with arched mounting and better bearings to make their work effective and comfortable for the user. Robust beaters precisely mulch both tall grass, weeds and branches. The shredded material is spread over the lawn, making it a natural fertilizer that fertilizes the soil, without negatively affecting the visual effect of the terrain. Thanks to the reduction of the ejection momentum, the mowers are completely safe when working in urban and busy areas. One of the models available in our store is the EFGCH-175M sliding flail mower from Geograss. Thanks to the large gearbox, the machine can be attached to a tractor with more power. Its working width is up to 170 cm, and the possibility of adjusting the cutting height ensures the best end result. With the help of the EFGCH mowers, any work becomes much easier.

EFGCH mowers - why is it worth it?

What makes buying an EFGCH mower on our website an excellent choice? We have many years of experience in the sale of agricultural and gardening machinery . We sell only the highest quality equipment, which is properly prepared and tested before shipment. Our specialists guarantee professional service and individual approach to each client. This enables the best matching of specific machines and accessories to the requirements of each of them. They will also answer every question. Our own export fleet allows us to quickly deliver equipment to every corner of Poland or Europe. As one of the few, we also have our own warehouse with original and spare parts, which allows us to carry out a quick and effective service of machines. If you need help choosing the perfect device or have any questions - feel free to contact us!