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After mowing the greens intended for hay, machines are needed to dry them. Such a device is a rake - tedder. It will perfectly cope not only with raking grass but also with low-stem greens. In addition, another function of this type of device is raking dried green fodder or hay in the so-called shaft. Loose lay with an even cross-section allows for maximum efficiency of harvesting machines. We offer a traditional wheel tedder-rake, which is made of rims equipped with properly bent rods resembling traditional rake teeth. The tedder is attached to the tractor, serves as a green fodder spreading machine, or after the appropriate adjustment of the rim, it collects the dry mass into a roller preparing it for harvesting. Another device is the spider type carousel tedder. Despite the different construction, the purpose is similar, it is also used for tedding and drying green fodder and, like the previous one, it needs a drive unit in the form of a farm tractor to function properly.