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Plows for plowing

Plowing plows are cultivation tools that are used to fertilize the soil, loosen it, crush, turn and mix the soil. The plows can be quickly and safely attached to the tractor and work can begin. You will find two-furrow, three-row, frame, four-furrow bed and rotary plows. Frame tools will cope well with medium to deep plowing of flat fields. They are dedicated to all types of soil without stones. Plows for plowing can be equipped with a special support, thanks to which they will be stable on the ground both during work and transport. All machines that you buy from us come from reputable manufacturers, so we invite you to browse this category of devices and buy the appropriate model!

What plowing plows will you buy from us?

We present you plowing plows of various technical specifications. You can equip us with a 100 cm 3L-3 four-furrow bed plow with a working width of 100 cm and a height of 55 cm. There are also two-furrow plows, such as a two-furrow plow with a support wheel DEMAROL weighing 85 kilograms. The tool is very solid and works well in difficult conditions. If you want to invest in a 25 cm 1L-1 single-furrow plow without adjustment with a support wheel, you can buy it from us at a very attractive price. Its working width is 25 cm. You can also get rotary plows in our store, such as the PO230 Geograss single-furrow rotary plow . It is dedicated to be attached to a tractor with a minimum power of 14 HP. It is worth bearing in mind when adjusting the product to the currently owned agricultural equipment. Swivel devices allow for wagonsless plowing. This is due to their design - they have bodies that deposit soil to the left and right. The stand is equipped with a special mechanism that allows the frame to be rotated. Regardless of what equipment you currently need for your farm, plot or other application, we have a wide range of plows for you. All of them are characterized by good workmanship and adequate durability - they do not deteriorate and do not rust for a long time. If you need professional advice on the selection of a plow, you can contact us at any time!

Why is it worth investing in the plows we offer?

The plowing plows in this product category are carefully selected models that work best. Thanks to our extensive experience in the industry, we are able to offer you modern plowing plows that will affect the efficiency of your work. With us, you have a guarantee of safe purchases, the option of installment purchase or leasing. We guarantee fast delivery, so you will be able to enjoy your new plow within 24-72 hours of purchase. In addition, we provide you with professional advice. We cordially invite you to make purchases in our store, and if you have questions, we are available by phone!