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Shredders / Chippers / Splitters

Shredders are very useful garden tools that make cleaning work run very smoothly. Shredded branches, cones and other garden waste are perfect as ecological compost, mulch for sprinkling young plants or fuel for winter. It is worth investing in this device if your garden has a lot of trees, dense shrubs and perennials. Few people know that the packed sawdust produced by the shredder can be put up for sale.

What to look for when choosing the perfect shredder?

First of all, pay attention to the drive of the device. There are combustion and electric models. Combustion gas works well in very densely wooded places, forest nurseries and orchards. It may turn out that quite expensive and noisy equipment will be spent most of the time in a cell or garage unused, because it will not have anything to work on. For the use of your own garden and for the benefit of the wallet, it is better to opt for a device powered by electricity. It is quieter, smaller and environmentally friendly. Also consider whether the shredder is to spread sawdust and ground plant fragments onto the lawn, or whether you prefer them to land immediately in an attached container. The models we offer have textile bags with a capacity of up to 50 liters, so you will not waste time manually raking and packing leftovers. Check out the STIGA BIO Master 2200 electric shredder , which is characterized by a powerful motor, easy assembly and disassembly, solid wheels and a spacious bag. It has knives that allow you to cut branches with a diameter of up to 40 mm.

What to use the shredder for?

Despite the high power and strong, sharp knives, it must be remembered that this device is intended for shredding only plants - even their hardest parts. Throwing in there any waste found in the garden can be dangerous for you and destructive to the machine's machinery. Under no circumstances should you throw glass, plastic or metal objects, bones and stones into the shredder container. The shredder will perfectly cope with cones, chestnuts, acorns and branches. Do you have questions about the devices available in this product category? We are available for you all the time, so please contact us!

What to remember when using the shredder?

It is worth paying attention not to throw anything other than those of plant origin into the shredder container. The device should work evenly, so materials should be thrown in just as slowly. When turned on and in operation, it should be on flat, stable and dry ground. It would be good if you had plastic working glasses that will protect your eyes from possible injury. The shredders you buy from us are machines with a high level of safety, therefore their operation is smooth and virtually failure-free. The right shredder will be a successful investment, thanks to which you will use shredded pieces of plants in your garden. We cordially invite you to make purchases!