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A scarifier is a simple garden device used for scarifying, i.e. aerating and cleaning the lawn from old grass. It is made of special knives or cutting blades that make vertical cuts, like a specific rake. It is best to perform care using a scarifier in early spring, and if the situation requires it, repeat it in late autumn. It is recommended to use this machine on briefly mowed grass, removing all obstacles such as stones, branches and larger weeds. Small cuts in the grass with a scarifier also help reduce the number of pests in the garden.

Which scarifier should I choose?

Due to the type of drive, scarifiers are divided into manual, electric, battery and combustion. However, the most popular choice are those attached to lawn mowers and tractors. One of our popular models of this type is a 100 cm tractor-mower scarifier , which is dedicated primarily to garden tractors, AL-KO, Stiga, Shtil, Cub Cadet, or Husqvarna mowers. Made of solid material, it was created to help you cultivate a beautiful, lush green lawn. Compact dimensions (1100 x 720 x 350 mm) will allow you to store this garden scarifier without any problems in a safe place. It is intended for regular maintenance of the quality of the lawn. Thanks to the cuts made in the soil, it disturbs its top layer, improving the growth conditions for the grass and minimizing the number of pests living in it. The technical data of this model are as follows: length without drawbar 410 mm, drawbar length 720 mm, number of knives 9 rows of 4 pieces, working width 1000 mm, shaft diameter 50 mm, weight 30 kg and height: 350 mm. The second popular scarifier model is the RG1202 aerator , dedicated mainly to work with a tractor with a 3-point hitch. It will work great on larger surfaces, where its working width is the greatest advantage and your contribution to the work is limited to a minimum. If you use it regularly, your lawn will turn lush green, and walking on it will be an extremely pleasant activity. The work of this scarifier model will be most effective in spring on short-cut grass, but remember to first remove pebbles, larger weeds and other such obstacles. Scarification is invaluable for our garden. Removing the felt will facilitate the penetration of oxygen, light, nutrients and water to the grass roots. This will increase the effectiveness of watering and fertilizing the lawn. Technical data of the RG1202 model are working width 1200 mm, total width 1700 mm, wheels: 8-4 (260x85), tractor power: min. 17 HP.

When choosing a device, it is worth paying attention to the engine power, working width and the material from which the knives and body are made. The scarifier is not used often, so it will serve for many years. For this reason, it is worth purchasing good quality equipment (it will be a one-time purchase for many years). If you have any doubts, please consult our team!