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Saws / Chainsaws

Chainsaws are very useful devices for working in an orchard, on a plot or in a garden. They are especially useful in such gardens where old shrubs with thick branches and many trees grow. They can even be helpful when maintaining a regular hedge if your secateurs have a problem with bulkier branches.

What should you pay attention to when choosing the saw that is perfect for you?

The choice of saw blades on the market is very large, and as the brand, we have made a selection and included in our offer those durable, solid and manufactured by proven brands. When choosing the perfect chainsaw for your garden, start with how you want it powered. In our store you will find petrol, electric and battery saws. Then pay attention to the power, weight, bar length, chain lubrication system and sound level. We are sure that you will find the best quality chainsaws at good prices with us!

Petrol chainsaws

These are the most powerful devices, and the lack of connection to the mains allows comfortable and easy maneuvering of the saw in dense and hard-to-reach places. You can easily work with it in the nook at the end of the garden or climb the ladder with it. The slightly heavier weight of the device is also behind high power, depending on the model it can vary from 5 to 10 kilograms. Check, for example, a device such as the AL-KO petrol chainsaw . For the care of your own garden, it is better to opt for these lighter versions due to the greater comfort of work and ease of storage. Petrol saws have two-stroke engines. The length of the guide bar starts at 30 cm and this is usually sufficient for amateur use. The devices work at a significant volume, so it is worth getting headphones to protect your hearing. Fortunately, the high engine power makes the work fast and the noise does not last long.

Electric chainsaws

Electric chainsaws, such as this model, are slightly less powerful than petrol chainsaws, and in return are the most ecological choice. They are also much lighter - their weight starts from 3 kg, they are not burdened by fuel or battery. It is true that due to the need to connect the device to the electric network, the mobility at work is lower, but you only need to get an additional extension cord and it should not be a problem. Maintaining your equipment is straightforward, so remember to choose a good quality chain oil. The guides of electric chainsaws start from the standard 30 cm, which is certainly enough to work in the home garden. The relatively quiet operation is also a big advantage of electric chainsaws.

Cordless chainsaws

It is an intermediate solution between petrol and electric chainsaws. They guarantee high mobility and comfort when working in the garden. They are quite quiet, but a bit heavier than electric ones due to the built-in battery. Remember to charge the battery - modern lithium-ion batteries make charging fast, and the batteries themselves ensure long operation. Maintenance is very simple - just take care of the oil level that lubricates the chain of the device. In our store, in addition to cordless chainsaws, you can also buy only batteries and chargers.