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DP / DPH - heavy

Heavy flail mowers - devices for special tasks

If you are looking for equipment that can cope with heavier mowing terrain , it is worth taking an interest in one of the available DP heavy flail mower models. These are strong devices with greater manpower, thanks to which they will perfectly cope with cleaning up more difficult terrain. DP mowers are characterized by a large, solid structure, strong gears and a special drive, thanks to which they can cope with mowing where other models of mowers stop working. The excellent quality of the devices available on our website is a guarantee of satisfaction with the purchase. For special tasks and to maintain the best results, it is worth using heavy DP mowers . If you have additional questions, our staff is at your disposal!

DP - mower characteristics

DP, or heavy flail mowers , have very specific applications. They are perfect for cleaning the landscape after a storm, tidying up the area after grapevine cultivation, neglected wasteland or areas such as roadsides or farm bypasses. Thanks to their power, they can easily cope with shredding branches, bushes and tall, dense grasses. Flail mowers are equipped with a working shaft with dedicated flails, which are responsible for mulching the swath. Thanks to this, the shredded clippings are scattered in the field and constitute a natural fertilizer, without adversely affecting the aesthetics of the landscape. Such models of DP heavy mowers, such as the DP 205 flail mower , are equipment of the highest efficiency and effectiveness. The cutting width is 205 cm. Due to their dimensions, DP mowers are dedicated to tractors with a power of at least 70 HP. They have the ability to adjust the cutting height and dedicated safety flaps. Special designed flails are resistant to damage, which makes the machine long-lasting. If you have additional questions or need help in choosing the perfect model, please contact our service!

Heavy flail mowers - buy proven devices in our store! is a company that has been importing and selling equipment for agricultural and gardening work for many years. We pay special attention to ensuring that the equipment available in our online store meets the highest standards. An individual approach to each client is extremely important for us, which allows us to specify specific needs and meet all requirements. We offer professional assistance in choosing machines and we make every effort to answer every question. All devices are prepared and tested before they go to new owners in order to detect possible irregularities early. We care about cultivating the trust that our clients place in us every day. We value honesty and professionalism. As one of the few, we have a large number of original and spare parts, allowing for professional equipment service. All the work that we put into guaranteeing the quality of equipment and customer service means that purchasing DP mowers through our store is always an excellent choice.