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Rotary mowers

Rotary mowers - the highest quality of equipment

In this category, we present high-quality rotary mowers, available for purchase in our online store. Among the rotary mowers included in our offer, we offer classic rotary drum mowers . The equipment can be easily connected to a mini tractor or tractor, and its simple operation will provide additional comfort of use. Rotary mowers are highly efficient machines, perfectly suited to various types of terrain. Irreplaceable in the spring and summer season, with large areas requiring mowing. We focus on innovative solutions and solid structures that you can use for years. When you buy rotary mowers in our store, you are guaranteed that the equipment will reach you in the best condition and will provide you with excellent work results. Our staff will take care of the appropriate selection of devices for individual needs, dispel doubts and answer additional questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Rotary mowers - characteristics and application

Rotary mowers are a device that is perfect for mowing large areas. They do great with tall grass. Their specificity lies in cutting the plant by quickly hitting it with a dedicated blade. One of the models of classic mowers of this type is the WIRAX rotary drum mower with a working surface of 125 cm. It is equipped with four cutting knives, and its maximum speed while mowing is 10k / h. It will be perfect for areas such as neglected sports fields or larger fields prepared for cultivation. Rotary mowers , due to their specificity and the type of terrain they can operate on, require more power. At the same time, they are very effective, and the work with their use is quickly and reliably done. If you need more detailed information, our staff is at your disposal!

Rotary mowers - why is it worth it?

What makes rotary mowers worth buying in our store? First of all, the fact that our company has many years of experience in selling equipment for agricultural and gardening work. We are characterized by reliability, high quality products and the highest standards of customer service. We approach each of our clients individually and propose solutions that meet all needs. Only the highest quality products from recognized manufacturers are available in our store. Before shipping, rotary mowers are lubricated and properly prepared for work. The machines also undergo a special test to check that they are not damaged in any way. Only after making sure that the equipment meets all the requirements, it is sent to the new owner. We also have access to original and spare parts, which enables fast and trouble-free service. If you need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us!