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Rotary mowers

Rotary mowers - the highest quality of equipment

In this category, we present high-quality rotary mowers, available for purchase in our online store. Among the rotary mowers included in our offer, we offer classic rotary drum mowers . The equipment can be easily connected to a mini tractor or tractor, and its simple operation will provide additional comfort of use. Rotary mowers are highly efficient machines, perfectly suited to various types of terrain. Irreplaceable in the spring and summer season, with large areas requiring mowing. We focus on innovative solutions and solid structures that you can use for years. When you buy rotary mowers in our store, you are guaranteed that the equipment will reach you in the best condition and will provide you with excellent work results. Our staff will take care of the appropriate selection of devices for individual needs, dispel doubts and answer additional questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Rotary mowers - characteristics and application

Rotary mowers are a device that is perfect for mowing large areas. They do great with tall grass. Their specificity lies in cutting the plant by quickly hitting it with a dedicated blade. One of the models of classic mowers of this type is the WIRAX rotary drum mower with a working surface of 125 cm. It is equipped with four cutting knives, and its maximum speed while mowing is 10k / h. It will be perfect for areas such as neglected sports fields or larger fields prepared for cultivation. Rotary mowers , due to their specificity and the type of terrain they can operate on, require more power. At the same time, they are very effective, and the work with their use is quickly and reliably done. If you need more detailed information, our staff is at your disposal!

Rotary mowers - why is it worth it?

What makes rotary mowers worth buying in our store? First of all, the fact that our company has many years of experience in selling equipment for agricultural and gardening work. We are characterized by reliability, high quality products and the highest standards of customer service. We approach each of our clients individually and propose solutions that meet all needs. Only the highest quality products from recognized manufacturers are available in our store. Before shipping, rotary mowers are lubricated and properly prepared for work. The machines also undergo a special test to check that they are not damaged in any way. Only after making sure that the equipment meets all the requirements, it is sent to the new owner. We also have access to original and spare parts, which enables fast and trouble-free service. If you need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Najczęściej zadawane pytania

A rotary mower is equipment designed for mowing large areas. Machines of this type ideally cope with the cutting of tall grasses, woody weeds and branches, and work effortlessly on areas with debris. The distinguishing features of mowers of this type are the cutting system in the form of a sharp blade, which moves in a rotating motion around its axis, and a two- or four-stroke engine. The plant is cut when the blade is struck quickly. The cutting system is housed in a drum, the diameter of which corresponds to the cutting diameter. Because the rotary mower is used in large spaces, often with varied terrain, it requires a lot of power, and is most often found in a diesel version. Thanks to the moving blades, rotary mowers do not crush the grass, but precisely cut it at the right height. Thanks to this, they will work well not only on wasteland, but also on meadows, in orchards, or when mowing under trees. This type of equipment is extremely efficient and resistant to mechanical damage - all thanks to the fact that when encountering an obstacle, the blades automatically retract, which reduces the risk of malfunction, also protecting the mower from possible injury. Another advantage is the simple yet robust design - rotary mowers are easy to care for and maintain. The machines also have the advantage of wheels with tread suitable for slopes and obstacles - when the rotary mower hits a stone, it does not shut down. The equipment is available in two variants - disc rotary mowers (less powerful, allowing for quick and precise mowing of smaller areas) and drum rotary mowers (more powerful, designed for demanding, large areas). offers rotary mowers from reputable, experienced brands such as Lisicki, such as the Z-178 rotary drum mower, 4Farmer, Geograss, TRX, and Wirax. 

The rotary mower is an equipment adapted to work on large areas, ideally coping with varied terrain, where there is tall grass, woody weeds, branches, or trash. The cutting part here is a sharp blade that moves in a rotating motion around its axis. Thanks to this cutting system, the plant is cut when the knife is struck quickly. The blades are located in a drum, the diameter of which is equivalent to the width of mowing. Since the rotary mower is used on large areas, it needs a lot of power. The equipment is also massive and heavy, but at the same time it has a simple and durable design, so maintenance of the machine is easy. 

A flail mower is a type of rotary mower. The equipment is distinguished by the same mode of operation, but in this type of mower the cutting part is the flails located on the cutting shaft (some models allow you to replace the flails with Y-cutting knives). The number of flails depends on the specific model, but it is usually from a dozen to several dozen. The flails are usually shaped like an L or T, rotating vertically. A distinguishing feature of flail mowers is their operation at high speed (up to 3,000 per minute). The equipment can be driven mechanically via a PTO power take-off or hydraulically. A distinguishing feature and a great advantage of the flail mower is that, in addition to cutting the green fodder, it mulches the plants, thoroughly shredding them. The mulched vegetation makes an ideal natural fertilizer to nourish the soil. Flail mowers easily handle grass, thick weeds, volunteer trees, bushes, and are ideal for neglected wastelands, or when working on roadside shoulders and uneven terrain. Although both rotary and flail mowers have the same mechanism of operation, flail mowers are more resistant - all thanks to the flails, which are interchangeably called hammers distinguished by their high resistance to abrasion, which allows them to cut plants with a larger diameter of stems than in the case of rotary mowers. offers both rotary mowers and flail mowers of various types - whether EF light equipment, EFG medium equipment, or EFGC heavy equipment, EFGCH sliding, AG double-sided, DP/DPH, EFD/EFDH, AGF/AGL/AGH rear-sided, EFM/FLM manual sliding, or FCN with basket.

Rotary mowers are heavy and massive machines designed for work on large areas. When choosing a specific model, you need to match the power to your specific needs, the specifics of your work and the place where you will use the equipment. Wanting to be sure of reliable, durable equipment, it is worth opting for a product from a reputable brand. This way, in the event of the need for repair, the availability of spare parts or servicing will not be a problem. offers models from companies such as 4Farmer, Geograss, Lisicki, TRX, or Wirax. One of the models we recommend is Lisicki's Z-178 rotary reel mower with a working width of 1650 mm, equipped with 6 blades. The equipment is adapted to work with a tractor with a minimum power of 30 hp and provides an output of 1.4 ha/h. The transport speed of the equipment is equal to 15 km/h, and the working speed is 12 km/h. A distinguishing feature of the product is the ability to adjust the mowing height. The basic height is 32 mm, but it can be adjusted to the specifics of the mowed area, adjusting to a height of 40 and 44 mm. The adjustment is made by means of a spacer ring placed on the working drum between the hub and the working disc. The PTO/PTO value for this model is equal to 540 rpm. Since the Z-178 is a rotary drum mower, it is suitable for working on terrain with a slope of up to 12°. 

An equally recommended model is the W-415 4Farmer rotary drum mower. The equipment requires a tractor with a minimum power of 25 hp. Like the Lisicki brand model, the machine is equipped with a 6-blade system. The mower will work well on smaller areas - as the working width is 1000 mm. It is the ideal equipment for mowing tall grass, meadows, green matter, mowing grass in orchards, mowing grass where the swath is used as animal feed. This model will also cope with uneven terrain. The equipment is driven by the tractor's PTO shaft (540 rpm) and hooked up to the Cat I tractor's rear three-point linkage. Power from the PTO shaft is transmitted to the cutting blades using rollers and bevel gears. Due to its size and power, 4Farmer's signature equipment is classified as a mini rotary mower.

The price of rotary mowers depends on their specifics, i.e. the number of cutting blades, power, cutting width. Mini rotary lawn mowers available at are available starting from the amount of PLN 4,599 - for example, Geograss mini RDS 120 rotary mower equipped with heavy-duty bearings and stronger components, which makes the machine more durable and stable. The working width of the equipment is 1200 mm, the required speed of the PTO/PTO shaft is 540 rpm, and the power of the tractor is 14 hp. A similar price (PLN 4,890) is available for equipment from the renowned 4Farmer brand - the W-415 rotary reel mower with a cutting width of 1,000 mm, equipped with 6 knives, suitable for use with a tractor with a minimum power of 25 hp and a PTO/PTO shaft speed of 540 rpm. For those looking for equipment to work on larger areas, the ideal option will be a heavier, larger and more powerful machine - Lisicki's Z-178 rotary reel mower. This model has a working width of 1650 mm, 6 cutting knives, 2 working drums with a speed of 2050 rpm, a pulling force of 9 kN, and a working speed of 12 km/h and transport speed of 15 km/h. Due to its greater functionality, the Lisicki rotary mower requires a minimum tractor power of 30 hp. The automatic cutting height is 32 mm, but the equipment allows its adjustment at 40 and 44 mm. The equipment in this series is available at a price of PLN 6,990. 

A flail mower is a type of rotary mower - the equipment has the same mechanism of operation, but differs in the way it cuts. The flail mower will work well not only on large areas, but also on difficult, neglected terrain. It will also do a great job of cutting down crop residue. The distinguishing feature of flail mowers is a cutting system consisting of a dozen or more (depending on the model) flails, which are solid, heavy hammers that rotate vertically. The flails are more durable than the blades used in rotary mowers - they don't dull or lose their properties. Most importantly, the flail mower not only cuts grass, shrubs, twigs or woody weeds, but also mulches them, that is, shreds them thoroughly. The resulting residue is a natural fertilizer that nourishes and strengthens the soil, and there is no need to collect the swath, as in the case of using a rotary mower, which, thanks to the blades rotating around its axis, quickly and precisely cuts vegetation, but leaves large ears. offers various types of flail mowers - from light EF, to medium EFG, heavy EFGC, EFGCH sliding, double-sided AG, DP/DPH, EFD/EFDH, AGF/AGL/AGH rear-sided, to heavy EFM/FLM with manual movement, or FCN with a basket. We rely on equipment from reputable brands such as 4Farmer, Geograss, and TRX. We offer solutions both for those looking for equipment for smaller areas, such as models adapted for use with mini tractors of 9 hp (EF 85 4FARMER flail mower), and heavy, powerful equipment that can cope with large, difficult areas (e.g. AGF-180 rear-side flail mower adapted for use with tractors with a minimum power of 100 hp, working width of 1800 mm, equipped with 16 hammers and 4 V-belts and 2 hydraulic cylinders. The reach of the equipment arm from the center of the tractor is 220 cm, in addition, the flail mower in this series has the ability to move laterally and tilt at an angle. As a result, the machine will perform well on sloping terrain. The drive from the power take-off of the tractor is 540 rpm. The equipment is also equipped with chains on the opposite side of the safety flap, which makes it suitable for efficient operation in the toughest conditions. 

Rotary mowers are available in two variants - with a drum mower unit and a disc (disc) mower unit.

Drum rotary mowers are equipped with working units driven by V-belts or Cardan shafts and bevel gears, which are located in a gearbox located above the working drums. For this reason, mowers of this type are also called top-drive mowers. During operation, the drums are supported on appropriately shaped support discs and are relieved during operation by a lever system with spring elements. Rotary drum mowers can be adapted to specific needs, adjusting the height of mowing by changing the distance between the plane of contact of the support discs with the ground and the plane of rotation of the blades. The undoubted advantages of rotary drum mowers are their durability, efficiency and relative low price, as well as high resistance to clogging even in difficult conditions. Mowers of this type will work well when mowing meadows with low culture, stony areas or with a lot of molehills. However, it is worth knowing that in the case of large drum mowers with a working width of more than 2000 mm, sloping mowing on uneven terrain can lead to faster wear of bearings on the sliding disc hub. The equipment is ideal for smaller areas.

Bottom-drive rotary disc mowers are equipped with disks (from 6 to 12), which are circular or elliptical in shape. Usually 2 cutting blades are installed around the perimeter of the disks each. Rotary disc mowers are lighter than drum mowers. The difference is about 20% on average in terms of a meter of working width. With this type of machine, the cutting unit rests on two skids during operation, and adjustment of the cutting height (usually in the range of 30 to 80 mm) is possible by changing the angle of the unit's beam (by decreasing or increasing the length of the upper linkage of the tractor's three-point linkage). The discs with knives are driven by V-belts or Cardan shafts and spur gears, which are located in the beam under the working discs. Models with bevel gears are also available. The peripheral speed of the blades in rotary disc mowers is as high as 80 m/s, which translates into a speed of about 300 km/h. Disc mowers require approx. 35% less power than drum mowers - usually about 14 hp/m. The advantage of this type of equipment is the rapid acceleration and deceleration of the working discs - disc mowers, unlike drum mowers, do not need time to accelerate the elements of the cutting unit. It is also worth noting that disc mowers can be equipped with 10 or even 12 discs, which allows for a large working width and driving on level terrain at speeds of up to 20 km/h. Thanks to the fact that disc work units can be tilted at an angle of 50° (in the case of drum mowers, the angle of tilting is 20°), disc mowers will prove useful when mowing roadsides and slopes. offers rotary mowers from reputable brands, which include 4Farmer, Geograss, Lisicki, TRX, or Wirax. 

A rotary mower is equipment designed for mowing tall grasses in sizable spaces. The weight of a machine of this type depends on several factors, such as power, mowing width, and therefore dimensions. offers different variants of rotary mowers signed by such brands as Wirax, Lisicki, Geograss, or 4Farmer. Smaller models, such as the W-415 4FARMER rotary reel mower with a working width of 1,000 mm, are equipment weighing 135 kg. The machine is compatible with tractors with a minimum power of 25 hp. It is a good option for those who have a vast area to mow, or for farm owners where the cut grass is used as animal feed. This type of equipment is classified as a mini rotary mower attached to the rear PTO of a Cat I tractor. The equipment draws power from the PTO shaft and transmits it to the cutting knives using rollers and bevel gears. The model is equipped with 6 cutting knives. For those looking for equipment with a larger working width, we recommend the Wirax brand model. The 125 cm rotary reel mower has a working width of 1250 mm and is suitable for tractors with a minimum power of 13 hp. The mower is equipped with 4 blades and is suitable not only for working on wasteland, but also uneven areas with an incline of up to 12°. It will prove useful for mowing tall grass, meadows, low-stemmed forage harvested for direct feeding or further processing. The weight of such a rotary drum mower is equal to 245 kg. For those looking for equipment for very large areas, the recommended solution is Lisicki's Z-178 rotary drum mower with a cutting width of as much as 1650 mm. The equipment requires a tractor with a minimum power of 30 hp to work, and the weight of the mower is 365 kg. The machine is equipped with 6 blades, the distinguishing feature of this model is the ability to adjust the height of mowing - the standard height is 32 mm, with the help of a spacer ring placed on the working drum between the hub and the working disc you can change the height of mowing to 40 or 42 mm.