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Mowing robots

Maintaining a well-groomed, carefully trimmed and aesthetic lawn requires a lot of time and effort. With a lot of work and stress, we don't always want to get up earlier and start mowing on our free day. A mowing robot will take care of the grass in your garden. There are models that you can control using an application on your smartphone, so after programming their operation, you will be able to relax. Automatic lawn mowers work very quietly, so they won't disturb you while you're reading a book or taking a nap, and they can also work at night. Mowing robots are small and neat devices. Therefore, they will not be another large garden equipment and will not take up much space in the garage or basement.

Automatic lawn mowers in our offer

As, we rely on proven and reliable equipment manufacturers. Here you will find mowing robots from brands such as AL-KO, Stiga and Cub Cadet as well as appropriate accessories. The mowing robots of these manufacturers are made of solid material and have built-in resistant and strong blades.

How does a robotic lawn mower work?

The principle of operation of robotic lawn mowers is similar to that of automatic vacuum cleaners. The robot is equipped with a docking station where it is stored and charged. In our store you can also buy accessories necessary for the operation of the mower: a boundary wire and pins with which you can attach the wire to the lawn. The cable is used to designate the area in which the device is to operate. You can also exclude an area from use, such as flower beds or a children's playground. The end of the signal cable should be connected to the docking station to complete the circuit defining the robot's operating range. The device works by grinding the grass into very small pieces, so you won't waste time collecting it. Shredded fragments of vegetation will make an excellent fertilizer. You can check out selected mowing robots here .

Are mowing robots safe?

Mowing robots are equipped with very sharp blades. However, the devices are secured in many ways, and this is ensured by the sensors used. The most important thing is the sensor that detects when the equipment is lifted. It automatically stops the knives, so they don't cut you or curious children. There is also an option to protect the mowing robot from being turned on with a PIN code. The robots are also equipped with collision sensors, thanks to which they avoid obstacles, and with rain sensors - when they sense rainfall, they return to the docking station. If the little inhabitants of your garden are important to you, try to turn on the robot during the day, when the animals are less active.

Which mowing robot should you choose?

The robotic lawnmower should be adapted to the size of your garden as precisely as possible. A mowing robot that is too large in a small area will have problems with narrow spaces and avoiding obstacles. If the device is too small, mowing will take too much time. Also pay attention to the maximum angle of inclination of the surface at which the mower can operate - usually it is up to 45 degrees.