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Petrol lawn mowers

Petrol lawn mowers are probably the most popular choice when it comes to lawn mowers. They are chosen especially when we are dealing with a larger grass area. In the case of electric mowers, we are limited by the length of the cable and maneuverability, so it is difficult to mow larger areas of the yard or plot.

In our store you will find petrol lawnmowers from well-known and proven manufacturers, such as AL-KO, Stiger or Cub Cadet.

When to choose a petrol lawn mower?

Almost everyone who needs to take care of the aesthetic appearance of a plot larger than 500 m² chooses a petrol lawnmower. Petrol lawn mowers are an excellent choice if you have a large area to mow because you are not limited by the length of the extension cord. For this reason, a petrol lawn mower is a very mobile tool - you can take it almost anywhere, e.g. to a plot of land several dozen kilometers away. The engine provides the mower with really high power, so thick, tangled grass and weeds are not a problem for it. You will quickly and effectively refresh the appearance of your lawn!

What to remember if you choose a petrol lawnmower:

Due to their construction , petrol mowers are heavier than electric mowers , so you will need a little more strength to push them. You must remember to have a supply of fuel in your storage room or garage and regular maintenance - for example, changing the oil.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a petrol lawn mower?

Always keep in the back of your mind when choosing gardening tools the area in which you will be using them. Apart from this obvious thing, pay attention to whether you will need a device with or without a drive. A mower without a drive relies only on the work of your muscles, so if you are not physically fit or you have to cover a larger area, the powered version will probably be better. The advantage of driveless mowers is that they are easier to control and allow for more precise mowing - if you have a lot of ornamental plants and flower beds, they may work better.

Also pay attention to the manufacturer and the quality of the materials used to produce the mower . In our store, we offer petrol lawnmowers from renowned companies with proven quality and durability. It is worth ensuring that the mower has a metal casing, which is therefore more durable, and that the blades of the blades are made of high-quality steel.

There are mower models that throw the cut grass back, sideways or into a basket mounted on the machine. Choosing a petrol lawnmower with the last option will save you time and energy. Mulching is one of the functions of mowers available on the market, e.g. this Cub Cadet mower model. The mulching plug attached to the mower will properly chop the cut grass and spread it evenly over the mowed area. This will create a natural fertilizer.

If you choose a petrol lawnmower, take into account especially the power and cutting width. The most popular combustion lawn mowing devices have a power of 3.5 to 6 HP. The greater the power of the mower, the greater the possible range of work. Popular devices currently include the 4-in-1 lawn mower , which can handle mowed grass in various ways. Welcome to purchase!