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Pressure washers

Pressure washer - what is it and how does it work?

Pressure washers are devices that we use more and more often around our home, workshop or farm. Nowadays, it is difficult to find people washing their cars with a traditional sponge, detergent from a bottle and rinsing the car with a garden hose. Thanks to the use of modern technologies, the washer has become a versatile device and is used not only for washing vehicles, but also for washing facades of tools and machines, cleaning hardened surfaces (e.g. fences, terraces) and many, many other works.

It is a device that works by collecting water in a special tank from which it flows to a pump (composite, aluminum or brass) where it is compressed and then released under very high pressure. For the pressure washer to function properly, we only need power and access to water. Today, we can come across devices that do not necessarily have to be connected to the water supply, but can draw water from artificial reservoirs thanks to the fact that they are equipped with the function of self-suction of water, e.g. from ponds or rain barrels. In such a situation, however, we must remember to install an appropriate filter to retain any impurities so that they do not get into the pump and damage or even destroy it. When working with a pressure washer , we use cold water. Hot water is not recommended because, combined with a rather strong detergent, it could damage the device. This does not apply to devices that have a special heating module and heat the water to a specific temperature on their own.

Working with a pressure washer - pure pleasure.

Before purchasing a washer , it is worth considering what work we want to use it for and how often we will use it. Due to the type of work performed, we have additional accessories at our disposal that will make using the washer much easier.

These include various types:

- lances , e.g. a rotary lance, additionally increases the power and pressure of the emerging water, and thus removes dirt that is very difficult to remove.

- brushes , e.g. a specially designed rotating brush for cleaning terrace paving stones, and

- sponges , intended for more delicate work.

Depending on power and application, washers are divided into:

- low pressure - used for amateur home work such as washing vehicles, garden furniture or gardening tools,

- high-pressure - professional for special tasks, used in industry, for long periods of work under very high pressure.

A multi-tasking device, such as a solid and efficient pressure washer from AL-KO or STIGA , is an essential device that will find its place in every household and will allow you to enjoy order and cleanliness around your home.

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