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Tractor tillers are used to loosen and mix the soil without turning it, to crush fragments of clods, to cut long-running weeds, and to quickly season fields after long-term crops. These are ideal machines for seasoning the soil after plowing meadows and pastures. Rotary tillers can be used to mix mineral fertilizers with the soil in agricultural fields and vegetable crops. The advantage of tillers is the ability to prepare the soil for sowing in one pass. Rotary tillers are suitable for working with ornamental and edible plant nurseries. They will also be used in orchards, where fertilizer must be spread and weeds removed. Here you can buy numerous products tailored to your needs!

How does a tiller work?

The tiller has built-in rotating teeth that aerate the soil and loosen it at the same time. After the machine punctures the ground, the air penetrates deep into the ground. Thanks to the tiller, you can also easily spread fertilizer or peat.

Tillers available in the store

Light tillers are perfect for cultivating soil in small home gardens and fields. In gardening, they are used to establish decorative lawns or cultivate ornamental plants. In fruit growing and viticulture, they effectively break up weeds between the rows.

Sliding tillers equipped with hydraulic shifting are designed to loosen and move the soil without turning it over. They are perfect for breaking up clods of earth, trimming weeds and seasoning fields after many years of cultivation. You will find many products from this category here.

Separating tillers are land cultivation machines connected to a tractor, they aerate, loosen, level and separate the soil. The excavated soil passes through a system of rods, thanks to which it is cleared of stones, sticks, old turf and other soil elements. The rods retain dirt, and then the undesirable elements are buried by good soil.

In our store you will find chewers mounted to tractors with two or three hitches.

You can also buy heavy tillers in our store. They can be equipped with a hinged rear flap, thanks to which the throwing of soil and stones is limited. If the cover is raised, the soil fineness will decrease, and when it is lowered, the fineness will increase. The tillers can also be equipped with a packer roller or a cover crop seeder, so you can easily perform many demanding field tasks.

Used tillers

If you want to buy a tested and functional device at a more attractive price, look for your tiller in this category. All used machines we offer in our store undergo thorough tests and inspections performed by a team of specialists. Just like new ones, used tillers are covered by a two-year warranty, and we also offer a well-equipped service where you will find the necessary replacement parts. Enjoy your shopping!