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What is a tractor winch and how does it work? A winch is a device that allows you to quickly pull out cut wood. It consists of elements such as - housing, main shaft, gear with a clutch and a drum with a steel rope. How it's working? The steel rope is used to pull the log, and the strapping ropes to fix the log to the grooves on the winch housing. The next step may be to transport the log to the place where it will be reached by the given means of transport.

Forestry tractor winches - applications

Tractor winches are essential for forestry work. It happens that devices are used on farms or on construction sites to extract other heavy materials or finishing elements. The winch will guarantee you comfortable and, above all, safe work in very difficult conditions. In our store, we offer you winches that are modern and solid. Do you have questions related to the products available in this category? You can write or call us at any time. Our specialists provide professional advice.

What to pay attention to when choosing the right winch?

If you are wondering which winch is the best to choose so that the price matches the quality of the equipment received, we invite you to buy the devices in our store. You gain a guarantee that the investment will be hit, because we focus on the best devices in their category. The FW2 GEOGRASS model available from us is a product that can withstand a maximum lifting capacity of up to 2 tons. This means that it will be able to extract wood of very high weight. The winch can be easily and quickly attached to the tractor using the CAT I 3-point hitch. A steel cable with a diameter of 8 mm tows wood or other materials, eg construction. It is a reliable and durable method that will allow you to quickly transport the element to the desired location. It is also worth mentioning that the winch drum can accommodate a cable with a maximum length of 40 meters. The technical data of this product are as follows - pulling drum force about 2000 kg, average pulling speed 0.47 m / s, cable diameter 8 mm, weight 170 kg, dimensions 1350 x 1270 x 800 mm. A winch made of high-quality materials will make working with it pleasant and efficient. It will be perfect for extracting all types of wood, ensuring the user's safety. If you have any questions, please contact our consultants who are always ready to help.

Tractor winches - a great offer at

You will get high-quality winches at affordable prices with us. Each product that we have in our offer is characterized by solid workmanship, functionality and long life. Therefore, if you need a reliable heavy-duty towing device, this offer is for you! Welcome and enjoy your shopping!