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working width (mm)
Weight (kg)
Minimum required tractor power (HP HP PS)
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Transport boxes, buckets

Transport boxes

Transport boxes are containers that have the shape of a cuboid or cylinder, made of metal, wood, plastic or other material. Transport boxes may have different dimensions, capacity and equipment, depending on their purpose and the type of cargo transported. Some transport crates have the ability to tip over, open the sides, lift, twist or connect into modular systems. Transport boxes can be mounted on the three-point linkage (rear suspension system) of the tractor or on the loader frame. Transport boxes are used to transport materials such as: soil, sand, gravel, fertilizer, grain, hay, wood, waste, tools, equipment, etc.

Transport buckets

Transport buckets are tools that have the shape of a spoon or spoon, made of metal or other hard material. Transport buckets can have different widths, depths, shapes and teeth, depending on their purpose and the type of material being excavated or loaded. Some transport buckets have the ability to slope, rake, trapeze, grab, tilt or change the angle of inclination. Transport buckets can be mounted on the arm of an excavator, loader, backhoe loader or other digging or loading vehicle. Transport buckets are used for digging and loading materials such as: earth, sand, gravel, stones, concrete, asphalt, snow, ice, waste, potatoes, beets, grain, etc.