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Mowers Shredders

Mowers Shredders - the highest quality equipment

In this category, we present a large selection of shredder mowers available on our website. These devices can be easily connected to mini tractors or tractors, and are immediately ready for use after installation. Shredder mowers, available for purchase in our store, are characterized by high quality and solid workmanship. They are extremely easy to use, yet effective and efficient. Perfect for working on large areas. Models from Geograss, including the MBER100 Geograss shredder mower , are recommended for all types of processing. The equipment manufacturer is characterized by high quality and the use of increased parameters in devices. This ensures a long service life and failure-free operation with intensive use. Geograss is equipment manufactured with professional use in mind, which is why it is often chosen by professionals. If you have any questions or need help with the selection, please contact our staff.

Mowers Shredders - specificity and applications

These specific mower models are a great way to deal with large terrain covered with tall grass and weeds. The large working area, up to 1,200 mm, allows you to mow more of the lawn at once. Shredder mowers are adapted to shredding branches and tall grass, therefore they can be used on more difficult terrain. Models such as the MBER120 Geograss shredder mower have two strong, solid knives mounted on one propeller and the ability to adjust the cutting height on the mower's skids. This allows you to adapt the device to any lawn to achieve the best results. The machine is equipped with high-strength bearings and stronger components, which makes the structure more stable. Shredder mowers are perfect for refreshing areas that have not been used for a long time, such as old parking lots or wild fields overgrown with meadows. The equipment will allow you to efficiently get rid of tall grass and branches, restoring the surface to the possibility of comfortable use. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact our staff!

Mowers Shredders - why is it a good investment?

Why should you decide to buy a mower shredder on our website? First of all, as a company with many years of experience in the import and sale of agricultural and garden equipment, we care about the satisfaction of our customers. We focus on the highest quality equipment from well-known manufacturers that will meet all, even the highest requirements. Such devices will speed up the work and provide it with additional comfort. By using the shredder mower, you will save time and energy that you would have to spend on arranging a larger area. Thanks to our own export fleet, we can easily deliver selected equipment to any place in Poland and Europe. Our specialized staff will help you choose the right model for your individual needs. If you have additional questions or need help, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Najczęściej zadawane pytania

Which mower for the orchard will be the right choice? A recommended solution, which at the same time stands out for its attractive price, are rotary mowers in the form of shredders. Machines of this type effortlessly mow tall grass, shred the residue from the cultivation of grapes or other fruits. Shredders are distinguished by their robust construction and strong transmission, the drive is transmitted through the power take-off shaft of the tractor. As a result, the equipment provides efficient and accurate work. The advantage of shredders is that there is no need to collect the swath, and in addition, the shredded elements make a great fertilizer to strengthen and nourish the soil. offers models from brands such as Sanko, Geograss, and Lisicki, among others. One of the suggested options for the orchard is Sanko's KR90 grass chopper mower with a working width of 870 mm, equipped with two blades. The equipment is adapted for use with tractors with a minimum power of 10 hp, the PTO/PTO shaft speed is 540 rpm. The Sanko orchard mower reaches a maximum speed during operation of 15km/h. Another solution is an orchard mower from Geograss - a single-propeller MBER 140 chopper mower. A simple, robust design, a working width of 1400mm and two cutting knives are the distinguishing features of this model. The MBER 140 orchard mower is attached to a Cat 1 3-point hitch. The equipment allows the cutting height to be adjusted on the mower skids, and the design of the machine allows the turret to be moved 150 mm to the right or left relative to the mower axis. The speed of the PTO/PTO shaft is 540 rpm. PTO shafts with a clutch are recommended for this model. An interesting solution is also offered by the renowned Lisicki brand - the Z918/2 orchard mower. It is a Cat II rear-mounted three-point linkage model, driven by a PTO PTO shaft, which is suitable for both grooming and cutting grass and shredding small branches, harvest residues, straw. This model has a working width of as much as 1,800 mm and is equipped with two fixed blades and 4 rotating blades, making the equipment extremely efficient and accurate. Betting on the Z918/2 orchard mower, you gain the ability to shred branches up to 30-40 mm thick and 2000 mm long. The equipment is adapted to work with a tractor with a minimum power of 60 hp. 

Orchard mowers, or so-called shredders, use helical bevel gears called bevel gears. The task of gearboxes of this type is to change the direction vector of power transmission. They have two axes aligned perpendicularly - the axis of the motor and the shaft at an angle of 90 degrees. With this arrangement, the energy generated from passive motion is transferred. On both of the aforementioned axles there are gears consisting of a hub (the element that seats the wheel on the shaft transferring power from the wheel to the shaft and vice versa), a disc (connecting the rim to the hub) and a rim (the outer part of the wheel with notched tooth-shaped holes, connecting to the other axle). 

Orchard mowers available at are driven by a PTO power take-off shaft. We rely on proven, reputable brands - in the assortment of our store you can find orchard mowers with angular transmission from Geograss, Lisicki, Sanko, or Selltech. We offer not only agricultural equipment, but also necessary accessories, including bevel gears, or other parts for mowers

It is assumed that the best equipment for wasteland is flail mowers. The cutting system, in the form of a horizontal shaft on which flail hammers (or Y-shaped blades) are mounted, allows for accurate and fast cutting and shredding of vegetation. Shredder mowers are also a good option for refreshing long-unused areas, such as wild fields, overgrown meadows, bushy wooded land, etc. Shredder mowers allow you to efficiently get rid of tall grass and branches. offers equipment from brands such as 4Farmer, Geograss, Sanko, and Lisicki, among others.

The AGL 125 4FARMER rear-side flail mower is one of the models we recommend, which will prove useful when mowing wasteland, overgrown meadows or green areas with tall grass. The mowing function here is performed by flails (the model offered by us has been equipped with 21 flail hammers), which have been placed spirally on a cutting shaft that rotates at an appropriate speed around its axis. The model signed by the 4Farmer brand is equipment classified as heavy-duty mowers with the option of lateral movement and inclination of the mower unit. The angle of inclination horizontally is 65 degrees, vertically - 90. The adjustment is carried out hydraulically and also includes the option to adjust the machine's extension. The advantage of the equipment is its adaptation to work also on sloping terrain - this model will do well when mowing roadsides, slopes, ditches or pond banks, equally well in areas where there are branches or stones with a maximum diameter of 80 mm. With a working width of 1,250 mm, mowing is much more efficient - the machine will be a good option when cleaning up large areas. The drive from the tractor's power take-off is 540 rpm, and there is also the possibility of adjusting the kickshaft. The equipment in this series is compatible with tractors with a minimum of 20 horsepower at high weight. AGL 125 4Farmer is a so-called mulcher, i.e. equipment that not only cuts vegetation, but also mulches it, i.e. shreds it thoroughly, thereby creating a natural fertilizer that nourishes the soil. This type of fertilizer also provides effective protection against soil erosion and leads to slowing down the growth of weeds. In addition to the fact of fertilizing the soil, mulching means that the user does not have to pick up the swath after finishing work.