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Various types of Kubota tractors available at

In our store's offer you will find brand new and used Kubota machines in very good condition. We made sure that choosing the right tractor for your needs would not be a problem. You will find Kubota tractors in their simplest form and without any accessories. You can also buy tractors with a cab - heated, with side mirrors, wipers, washers, tilting front and rear windows. There is also a premium version of the cab which has more facilities for the equipment operator. We have also composed tractors that you can immediately use for specific work. There are tractors equipped with sand spreaders and plows (classic or arrow), excavators and front loaders. Kubota tractors are universal devices and if there is a new task for them, you will certainly find the right accessories to change their purpose and take full advantage of them.

Kubota tractors - why is it worth it?

The Japanese manufacturer also made sure that the tractors were durable and prepared for operation in difficult conditions, as well as for the comfort of their operators. Despite their small size, they have impressive parameters that you can read about on the website of each product. Many models have features such as four-wheel drive, front and rear linkages, and a 3-point linkage. The driver's seat has full suspension, and the steering wheel is power-assisted, which makes driving the tractor pleasant and increases the comfort and efficiency of the operator's work. Kubota machines can cope with no problems even on very marshy, uneven and sloping terrain. The unique front axle on Kubota tractors makes them one of the most manoeuvrable machines on the market. Although it is a brand from the Far East, our website has a lot of spare parts in case of a fault. It is worth to see, among others with A-series tractors, e.g. the Kubota A211N 4 x 4 tractor , because it is the brand's most technologically advanced series. Among the B series you will get e.g. a Kubota B2741S tractor with a front loader. We invite you to browse through all the products and choose the ones that suit your needs!

Multi-task tractors

Regardless of whether you need a machine for classic agricultural work in the field, orchard or plantation, or you are looking for a municipal tractor to protect public roads in winter, the Kubota brand will satisfy you. Many years on the market, the high quality of materials and resistance to harsh conditions have made Kubota still one of the most popular brands despite fierce competition.

Kubota brand

Kubota Corporation is a Japanese producer of heavy agricultural and construction equipment. The word kubota in Japanese means a well-kept and cultivated rice field. The company was founded in 1890 in Osaka. For many years it has been very popular among users all over the world. Kubota Corporation has been cooperating with the best suppliers and manufacturers of parts and components from the very beginning, as evidenced by the cooperation with Fiat and Nissan. The company has 34 own offices around the world, mainly in Europe. By 2010, Kubota's plants had produced 3.5 million tractors.