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Chippers / Splitters

Chippers are machines used in agriculture, forestry and gardening to crush pieces of wood or branches. The rotating disc with knives transforms the material fed into the chipper into chips. Subsequently, the shredded material can be used in many ways. One of the most popular is its use as mulch, fuel or for paper production. Wood chippers are divided into disc ones, in which the knives move in one plane of the disc wheel, and drum chippers, in which the movement of the knives is marked by a cylinder. In our online store you will find various types of chippers that will work failure-free and effectively. Do you have any questions? Write or call!

Wood chippers - check out the wide range of the store

The wood chippers you will find in our store are top-class devices. They are solidly made, durable and safe to use. You will receive models such as the DENIS R-12 semi-automatic drum branch chipper . It is a modern machine whose design allows for semi-automatic branch collection. Additionally, by choosing this model, you receive a product with V-belt tensioners, which reduces their wear. After inserting the branches into the chipper, their movement is completely automatic. This is due to the feeding roller and is a solution that allows the entire process to run faster. The device is equipped with a special handle that helps remove the wood in case of blockage. Why else is it worth investing in this product? You receive a professional chipper with a chimney that makes it easier to pack wood chips into bags. If you want to quickly and properly shred branches, tree crowns or energy willows, you can choose the WC-8 high chipper . This product is equipped with a mechanism for feeding and pulling out branches, which significantly improves the comfort of work. The device is stable, reliable and safe, and you can use the wood chips as fuel for boilers or as soil fertilization material. On many farms, the use of professional wood chippers is necessary and brings many benefits. The material can be fully used, which prevents waste.

Chippers - why is it worth taking advantage of the offer in our store?

Here you can buy chippers from renowned manufacturers, which are solid and very durable. The devices have a CE certificate, which guarantees safety and means that they have been approved for sale in the European Union. So you buy proven, tested devices that will serve you for a very long time. When you buy from us, you also have a guarantee of a good price and fast shipping. After placing your order, we will deliver the chippers to you within 24-72 hours. If you are wondering which of the offered devices will work best for you, you can easily contact us. The team of experienced people who staff our store will advise you which equipment to choose and answer all your questions. We invite you to place orders!