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Minimum required tractor power (HP HP PS)
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Riders are agricultural care tools that have several different uses. You can use them for work related to growing potatoes, beets, beans, tomatoes, strawberries, corn and other vegetables. They are also perfect for treatments such as weeding, loosening between rows or trimming rows of plants. They will therefore be invaluable help when caring for plants. In our store, we offer you various agricultural seeders , which you will receive at an attractive price. What do you gain by investing in these devices?

  • the quality and efficiency of your crops will be better
  • You will do your job of fertilizing plants faster and more precisely
  • you will efficiently weed selected surfaces
  • you will automate processes and get more profits from crops

How to choose the right rider?

In our store you can find various types of sprinklers. They can be single-row or double-row. This informs about the scope of work of a given tool. The single-row potato filler is one of the most frequently chosen products. Like all devices and tools available from us, it is characterized by solid workmanship, which translates into high durability. The mentioned ridger model allows you to adjust the width of the cultivated inter-rows from 62.5 cm to 67.5 cm. The potato filler also has a filling body. In this product category, you can find both 3-section and 2-section ridgers. The 3-section, two-row Bomet P475 cultivator-grinder is one of the multifunctional devices from the Norma series, which is equipped with scarifiers, goose-feeders and spreading coulters. If you equip yourself with such a device, agricultural or garden work will be even faster than before. Our offer includes only equipment from recognized manufacturers, so you don't have to worry that the investment will not be a good one. The machines you buy from us are very easy and safe to operate. The DEMAROL 3-section, double-row ridger model is also very popular.

Get cultivators and gritters that will last for years!

Do you want to be sure that the selected cultivator will function properly for many years? Invest in machines proven by us. We can boast of many years of experience in the industry, so we are happy to provide advice if necessary. By purchasing a device for various purposes, you can perform many tasks. The weeder will help you get rid of unwanted weeds from your plot or field, and the rider will properly care for your crops. We also provide you with a quality guarantee, fast delivery and safe shopping. Taking into account all the above factors and the advantages of the devices available in our online store, we believe that you will find a product for yourself here. Thanks to a wide range of sprinklers, you can tailor the product to your individual needs. And if you have any questions, we are at your disposal by phone or e-mail! We enjoy your shopping!