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Earth drilling rigs - drills

Are you looking for earth drill rigs that are needed to quickly drill a variety of holes in the soil? Great! Our offer includes numerous drilling rigs that will surely meet your expectations. They will be an invaluable help during activities such as making holes needed to plant plants, shrubs, trees and even entire forests. Earth drill rigs can cope even with difficult conditions, such as working with soil with stones or small roots. The devices are ideal not only for work in the home garden or orchard, but also for large earthworks and construction works. You can buy only high-quality equipment that will be a successful investment for years!

What is an earth drilling rig, commonly known as an auger?

It is a device intended mainly for construction and gardening. It is perfect for drilling posts, preparing the ground for planting plants or creating a fence. If you are considering buying such equipment, we have something for you! The ANT AA-2G earth auger is a model ideally suited for both beginners and professionals in their field. Solid workmanship will meet even the most demanding people. It is dedicated to mini excavators with a weight of 1.5-3 tons and a drill diameter of 100-500 mm, and above all for the Rhinoceros XN20 model. Despite its compact dimensions, it efficiently drills holes and relieves you from heavy physical work. In addition to the auger itself, the set includes a pump, mounting bracket and two hydraulic hoses . Below we present other technical data for people who want to get to know this unique product better.

- oil pressure: 70-240 bar;

- torque: 800-2900 nm;

- rotational speed: 35-88 rpm;

- oil flow: 27-75 lpm;

- tip diameter (cylinder): 65 mm;

- diameter: 200 mm;

- auger: 1050 x 300 mm;

- weight: about 100 kg;

- hydraulic hose: 2 x 1/2 "bsp;

- dimensions of the square tip: 75 x 75 mm;

- dimensions: length: 720 mm;

To find out about the different models available, please browse through the individual products and ask any questions. Write to us or call us!

Earth drilling rigs - buy at!

In our online store you can buy earth drilling rigs that will be useful on every farm and on the construction site. They are widely used in the horticulture, forestry, horticulture and construction industries. Thanks to them, you will make holes in the ground faster, and thus the next stages, e.g. construction, will run more efficiently. This will translate directly into the satisfaction of your customers or into more fruitful effects of individual activities. If you have any questions about the different models of earth drilling rigs, please feel free to contact our customer service, who are always ready to answer your questions. We enjoy your shopping!